Yoga and Quilting

My granddaughter is due in two months. I want to make the curtains for her windows, the cushions for her chair and the quilt for her bed.

I also want to be able to get down and play with her on the floor. I used to be able to do that, I read to my students from big story books in Spanish. About 7 years I noticed I could not just pop up from the floor and I got a bit nervous about the whole thing so I read to them from a chair. It worked just fine but they were Junior High, this baby will probably start out pretty little and scoot around on the floor for a while!

Enter yoga 2.0. I tried yoga before when I first retired. I learned much more humility than poses. The thing I liked the best was making the bags for the yoga mats. I made four of them! I wish there was more I could do to combine yoga and quilting. A pieced mat perhaps? A clever patchwork yoga top?
yoga mat bags

I guess what I really want is to be as competent and confident at yoga as I am at quilting and sewing. I learned to sew in 8th grade and I took to it right away. I have made tons of mistakes over the year and learned from them. Even my machine quilting is a work in progress.

I have to be patient with myself about yoga and give myself more time to perhaps become mediocre. I went to a 3 hour workshop today on Yoga for problem hips and knees. I was by far the least flexible person there. By far. I am in awe of the flexibility of the Yoga master who taught the class, and so was he. Ha! But I have to remind myself that he probably can’t quilt and maybe not speak Spanish.

I learned to sew step by step and I will learn Yoga the same way. I will increase my flexibility practice by practice.

And if I don’t, well here’s a variation of a little ditty I wrote on my Facebook page today.

Maybe my granddaughter will love me in a chair
Or while pulling my hair
Or riding a mare
Or just love me like a Mama Bear
(thanks to Dr. Suess for the inspiration)

Quilting and yoga, each takes time to conquer. I am proficient at one and I will strive to be proficient at the other.


Sew happy!


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  • fb_avatar

    Nice story! I like the poem very much.

    Nayeema Akter

  • In reply to Yoga Love:

    Thanks! I will have to read your blog and learn more about Yoga!

  • Yoga and quilting, what a concept. Just think, quilting does not require you to get off of the floor. However, yoga will leave you flexible enough to chase Tough Cookie around the house.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    I know, I have to be flexible to keep up with her!

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