Sewing curtains for my Granddaughter's room

Curtains are part of our every day life, most of the time we barely notice them. I have made tons of them in my lifetime, it’s not that I love making them, I don’t. I just like the look of homemade window coverings.  I am ridiculously proud of having made all the curtains and drapes in my own home. We close them, we open them, they keep the light out or they let the sunshine in.

But sometimes curtains are a little bit more, sometimes they are a step in letting the sunshine in your life, in trusting happiness. Suddenly my daughter was ready for the baby’s room to have curtains, for that first step in creating a little sanctuary for this small person we are all dying to meet.

Last summer I had spied Marimekko fabrics at the Crate and Barrel outlet store. I bought gobs of red and gobs of yellow. I used the red on the heart quilts and saved the yellow. It seemed like a leap just to buy the fabric. Now, was the moment, Emily was ready.  Here is the fabric, with the lining.
I had 80 inches of super expensive but fabulous lining left over from our bedroom curtains. I ran over to the interior design place where I had gotten it and purchased another length of it. This is the part of making curtains that tests my soul. You have two huge lengths of fabric which have to act as one unit and glue is not an acceptable way to make that happen. I basted an 80 lining into each 96 inch length of fabric and encased the side borders here at my house.

Then I took my darling Featherweight, the two panels and a sewing kit over to my daughter’s house. Her husband Joe had already removed the guest bed (and the super quilt made by yours truly) and was finishing up the rod installation. We were on our way to making a nursery!

I sewed and Emily sat in the rocking chair they have painted for the room; I will make cushions later. Joe helped me put the panels up and down to check for height and floor clearance. Once I had the first panel completed I introduced Emily to what basting was and how fun it is to remove it with a seam ripper. She liked my cool seam ripper much more before she was on her fourth side removing basting stitches. It was comfy and fun to chat and sew with Emily there. When I first learned to sew my Mother was so excited that I had this skill which she lacked that she was literally my “sous” sewer and would pin, baste, hem and iron for me. This experience was reminiscent of those days except that my Mom was like the world’s best ironing woman.  I think we will have to iron these again and use some spray sizing.

curtains with rocker
We completed the curtains about 11:00 pm and put them up.  I even took a picture with the rocker.  You can see the grey walls for the grey and yellow theme Emily has planned.   It was night time but these bright yellow curtains let the “sunshine” in! Are you old enough to remember the ending of the song from Hair, then sing along with me.

♫ Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in ♪
Let the sunshine in!  ♪

Sew happy!

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