Sewing and reusing Halloween costumes

As much as I loved sewing Halloween costumes for my kids, there was that part of me from the 1950’s that wanted to resuse those costumes.  I am sure my Mom installed that hand me down fever in my brain.  Some costumes did get reused, by my friends or my nephew and some went from Emily to Shelby.  But not all of Emily’s costumes were to Shelby’s liking.  One year in preschool she had a Peter Pan Obsession and begged to be him for Halloween.  Sure, I thought, I will be able to pass that on to my nephew.  Wrong!  I bought cheap felt and when Shelby and her friend rolled in the leaves, it pilled and just got ruined.  Oh well, it was cute while she wore it!
I was luckier with the M & M bag costume.  Emily was the bag and Shelby was an M & M, I think these costumes fulfilled every sister fantasy I had for my girls.  I passed the M & M onto my nephew and kept the bag.  For a long time!  Some friends may have worn it.
In the meantime, Shelby went through a huge Princess store bought costume stage and no, I am not proud to admit this.  Then she hit Jr. High and Britney Spears hit the airwaves.  She and I could not agree on a costume and I flat out refused to let her go as some scantily clad rock star.  The night of Halloween arrived, she grabbed the M & M bag out of the costume trunk and I drove her over to meet her friends.   They were dressed as…you guessed it…Britney Spears!  Shelby did not nominate me as Mom of the year then but now, we all find this picture to be one of our absolute favorites!
I have sewn play costumes and items for skits or parties but those Halloween costumes, they are still my favorites.  What’s that you say?  You want more blogging about them?  Well, you might just be in luck, after all we are still a week away from Halloween!

Sew happy!  (Or should I say Trick or Treat?)

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