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Baby's heart quilt top is DONE!

Yay! I finished all the hearts, got them all put together and added the borders. I am working on the back, then I guess I will quilt it on the Gladys, the Gammill long arm. There is a huge part of me that would LOVE to hand quilt it. My right wrist would probably fall... Read more »

Halloween Costumes in Chicago area need to fit over your snowsuit!

I grew up and raised my children in the Chicago area. We have all kinds of weather here, sometimes in the same week. I can remember a few magical Halloweens where the weather was balmy and the ballerinas could float about without any worry. But I can remember a lot more when it was really... Read more »

Heart blocks done!

I have been super motivated to sew this baby quilt! I want to get to the fun part, seeing the quilt come together and getting to quilt it. I also am feeling a bit of pressure, December 16 is fast approaching. But first I had to finish putting those 1 1/2″ squares on the second... Read more »

Sewing and reusing Halloween costumes

As much as I loved sewing Halloween costumes for my kids, there was that part of me from the 1950’s that wanted to resuse those costumes.  I am sure my Mom installed that hand me down fever in my brain.  Some costumes did get reused, by my friends or my nephew and some went from... Read more »

Small heart quilt - yellow and grey

I have a quilting buddy who has been my friend since High School, Laurie is her name and she shared a pattern with me for making a pieced small heart quilt many years ago. I adored it then and I adore it now! I have made so many versions of it, you’ve already seen the... Read more »

Sewing curtains for my Granddaughter's room

Curtains are part of our every day life, most of the time we barely notice them. I have made tons of them in my lifetime, it’s not that I love making them, I don’t. I just like the look of homemade window coverings.  I am ridiculously proud of having made all the curtains and drapes... Read more »

Election Quilts - Obama and Romney

Today the Chicago Tribune had an amusing article about goofy ways to predict who is going to win the Presidential election. Who needs polls when you have 7-11 cups? I decided let’s extend these whimsical predictors to include quilts! I googled both Romney Quilts and Obama Quilts. I also put in both men’s first names... Read more »

Halloween quilting and sewing

It is the middle of October and time to put the Halloween quilt up. It is cute and I like it very much.  I made it about ten years ago and even lightly hand quilted it.  The most fun was buying the Halloween fabrics.  It always make me a bit sentimental about sewing around Halloween... Read more »

Heart quilts - In remembrance of Infant death and Pregnancy Loss

I finished both of the Hot for Chocolate heart quilts.   I wrote in my daughters’ Valentines day cards that I was making them matching heart quilts for Valentine’s day.  I hope they realized they would not be finished by Valentine’s day.  I liked the look of the fabrics when I saw them at my local... Read more »

Yoga and Quilting

My granddaughter is due in two months. I want to make the curtains for her windows, the cushions for her chair and the quilt for her bed. I also want to be able to get down and play with her on the floor. I used to be able to do that, I read to my... Read more »