Heart quilts - In remembrance of Infant death and Pregnancy Loss

I finished both of the Hot for Chocolate heart quilts.   I wrote in my daughters’ Valentines day cards that I was making them matching heart quilts for Valentine’s day.  I hope they realized they would not be finished by Valentine’s day.  I liked the look of the fabrics when I saw them at my local quilt store, Top Shelf Quilts, and bought two of the kits.  My girls don’t live in the same house any more, not even the same country!  But they have matching heart quilts to help keep them joined and bonded.
Hot for chocolate quilt
I am very pleased with how they turned out.  I know you have gotten to see the tail end of the construction on this blog.  Those 40 heart squares took way more time than I thought they would.  What just flew was quilting them on Gladys, my longarm.  I loved free hand quilting hearts!  That is a good thing because I have at least one more heart quilt to quilt.  I am so happy to have the muscle memory of that down pat!  Now that I am getting more confident with my longarm, I am ready fo move on and I am taking a two day workshop next month to learn new techniques.  I will let you know all about it as it gets nearer.
infant death
I started these quilts to celebrate February 14th and I finished them today on October 15th.  I am so glad to have a heart quilt made from my heart to give my oldest daughter today.  She posted the above remembrance on her Facebook page.  What’s a Mom to do to help her daughter who is missing her still born baby?  My Emily’s little Darcy was born too soon and never breathed outside of Emily but she lives on in our hearts.  I am not sure how much I have been able to help Emily as sometimes my own remembrance of my own loss so many years ago gets mixed up with it.

So what’s a Mom to do?  In my case, make a quilt and be happy that the heart quilt was completed on the day when my daughter’s heart was hurting.

I wish I had quilts to give to all of you hurting and remembering today and every day.

Know that many share your loss and wish you love.  Life is painful sometimes and we remember Darcy at the same time as we await the new baby with bated breath.

Sew happy…

Sew happy!

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  • Beautiful quilts. I know both girls will love them knowing that they come from your heart.

  • In reply to Kliffjo:

    Thanks, I hope so!

  • Gorgeous quilts! Timing was perfect. So glad you were able to wrap Emily in hearts. Take care.

  • In reply to Erin:

    Thanks, Erin! It was like the timing was meant to be!

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