Heart blocks done!

I have been super motivated to sew this baby quilt! I want to get to the fun part, seeing the quilt come together and getting to quilt it. I also am feeling a bit of pressure, December 16 is fast approaching. But first I had to finish putting those 1 1/2″ squares on the second edge of each rectangle. (Positive note here: I am only making one of these quilts, not two like the last time.) And after a day, the rectangles were done!
step 1
What’s the next step? You know those rectangles aren’t going to make hearts all by themselves, they have to be joined to the yellow or grey squares or attach a 2 inch background square to a rectangle. The little puppies seemed to just fly through my machine and ta da, here they all are!  They are on top of the larger square segments.  I like to celebrate each stage of quilt completion but hey, you probably noticed this!
step 2

I bet you know what is coming next – the hearts! I was even more excited to do this and I was practically holed up, off the grid on Wednesday to get the hearts done. And I did it, 48 heart blocks DONE! I arranged the top half of the blocks in the order I want them to be sewn together. I LOVE THEM!
step 3

For the next step,  I will attach all the squares to background fabric strips and put strips in between each row. I already have all 19 strips of 1.5 inches cut. I don’t work tomorrow so after my laps I hope my sewing fever keeps on going!

It’s fun to be recharged and enthused. I feel that way with my mini teaching job – having just two college classes a week to teach has pepped me up about teaching. New classes, new level, new material makes for new enthusiasm. And I have a new loved one on the way to sew for! I wonder how many quilts she will need?  I am thinking I will have new projects for years to come.

Sew happy!

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