Halloween Costumes in Chicago area need to fit over your snowsuit!

I grew up and raised my children in the Chicago area. We have all kinds of weather here, sometimes in the same week. I can remember a few magical Halloweens where the weather was balmy and the ballerinas could float about without any worry. But I can remember a lot more when it was really cold, especially before they kept daylight savings time through Halloween.

This Wednesday is Halloween and it looks like another cold one here in the Midwest. I admit, it could be worse, we could be living on the East coast where the trick or treaters could be washed away. But for just your average cold to really cold weather your little ghost or goblin needs a costume that is loose and too big for the child. Oh how I loved buying my girls’ clothes too big and assuring them “they would grow into them.” Delicate costumes are great if your kid is only going to an indoor party but my kids were greedy for way more candy than that! They wanted to run from house to house and get the maximum amount of sweets that were out there. I wanted them to be warm. What is the perfect costume for this? A clown!

Here is the Halloween Clown costume I made for Emily. She wore it two years and it let her run around with a full snowsuit underneath. No mask, just some make up and as an added bonus, she does not have any clown phobias today. And, she got enough candy so that when I ate out of it while she was sleeping, she never noticed. There are tons of clown costume patterns available. Make it two sizes too big and relax and enjoy the day.
snow white
Later on, Emily wanted to be Snow White and I complied but again, I made it big which wasn’t the best for her school party but was perfect for trick or treating. You can see her long underwear peeking out from underneath.
Then Shelby came along and my favorite Halloween tradition, handing down the costume. Shelby wore it with an entire jogging suit on underneath. By this age she was able to outrun me, I was glad to have the extra clothing on her to let me keep up a bit better!

It’s a bit late to make that costume now so you and your sewing machine are off the hook. Too bad we don’t all live closer, I would let you go through that costume trunk above my garage. You know I love handing down and reusing my creations.

Sew happy

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