Election Quilts - Obama and Romney

Today the Chicago Tribune had an amusing article about goofy ways to predict who is going to win the Presidential election. Who needs polls when you have 7-11 cups? I decided let’s extend these whimsical predictors to include quilts!

I googled both Romney Quilts and Obama Quilts. I also put in both men’s first names to see if that would generate more images.

Here are some of the many Obama quilt images I found.
B. Obama quilt

another Obama quilt


If you are interested in seeing more there is a book by Carolyn L. Malzoomi which contains more than one hundred of the quilts and their stories.

Here is the only image of a Romney quilt I could find on google or msn.

Basketball games, football games and now quilts being used as meaningless predictors, you can tell it is election season. Google lists 245,000 images for Mitt Romney quilts but it’s misleading, there are Romney images for sure but not with or about quilts. For Barack Obama quilts there are 983,000 images and quite a few are quilts.

Possible reasons for this are that Barack Obama is already President and his election was quite historic and celebrated with quilt shows, exhibits and books. Mitt Romney’s election as governor of Massachusetts did not engender the same quilt response.

I have no idea who will win on November 6th but as far as the Quilt prediction method, Obama wins by about a 3 to 1 margin. If you would like to stuff the ballot box, you’ve got like 3 weeks to produce more quilts for your candidate. May the best quilts win!

Sew happy!

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