Baby's heart quilt top is DONE!

Yay! I finished all the hearts, got them all put together and added the borders. I am working on the back, then I guess I will quilt it on the Gladys, the Gammill long arm. There is a huge part of me that would LOVE to hand quilt it. My right wrist would probably fall off but there is nothing like the softness of hand quilting. However, there is nothing like the speed of a machine quilted quilt. Emily says to machine quilt it so I guess that is what I will do. This way my arm will be happy and the baby won’t get the quilt for her first birthday! I love the top, so does Emily which is good! When she first picked Grey and Yellow I was a bit skeptical, but take a look.
The colors are great and are not anything I would have picked. When Emily was going to college I wanted to make her a heart quilt to take with and she hemmed and hawed on the colors of her room. Finally she picked Violet and Willow. Um, what? I even said at a quilt store, can you show me your violet and willow sections? But look, her heart quilt worked out great so I should have trusted her on the color choice.
Once I get this quilt on Gladys, I want to make another one with solids. Here are my choices and the book from Underground quilting that I want to use. These are packages of hand dyed fabrics, two grey packs and one yellow. Aren’t they yummy? I wish I had even more time to sew.
After that I want to make throw pillows, rocker cushions and a cushion for the window seat. Plus more quilts! Bibs! And the list goes on and on! Yep, Emily is right, I am going to machine quilt this one.

Sew happy!

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