Quilting and the University of Illinois

I love quilts and I love the University of Illinois. I graduated from there, my Dad graduated from there as did my sister and both of my daughters. Wow, I must have a billion U of I quilts, right?

Well, no. Why not? Um….orange and blue! Now don’t go Chief on me, I love orange and blue. I freaking bleed orange and blue. But in a quilt? I am talking a quilt here, not one of those fleece no sew blankets. Those are fine and have their place but they are not quilts, they are something which keeps you warm at a football game or in the car.

A quilt takes a lot of time to make and you have to put it somewhere in your home – the wall, a bed or over a piece of furniture. How many rooms in your house are orange and blue? In mine, that would be none. Yes, I have a blue living room but it doesn’t need any sports team made into quilts in there.

I have bought and made tons of U of I aprons, love them. I made an orange and blue table topper for football parties and I even got carried away when we made the Rose Bowl and made an Orange and Blue table runner. But real quilts, nope! My youngest got a t-shirt quilt after she graduated from U of I, that’s the closest I’ve come.

I have orange shoes, orange and blue purse and too many orange and blue clothes. But a quilt is not in the horizon. I may love U of I and I may love quilting but all my loves don’t have to be together in one package.

Go Illini!

I think that’s true for much of life, I love my husband and my book club but I never want him to come to one! Think of all the things you love separately but not together, your kids at your job, coffee combined with tea or champagne over cereal. (OK, I might consider that one.)

I will continue to love both quilts and the University of Illinois passionately but apart.

Sew happy!


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  • I think an orange and blue quilt would be cool.

  • In reply to Klingon:

    If I had a basement U of I room, I would be all over it!

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    "all my loves don't have to be together in one package" - brilliant!!!
    This eases my mind greatly, and should simplify things for me if I adhere to it. No more cactus gardening/beer tastings. Thank you, my friend! :)

  • In reply to Pamela Schmeckpeper:

    It's what I am here for, Pam! :)

  • Your blog is fantastic, Kathy. Great post, I agree some loves must be kept separate. For me, no husband in the kitchen :)

  • In reply to Erin:

    I agree with that but I might extend it to No Me in the kitchen! Since the kids left, "Let's go out for dinner" has become a favorite saying!

  • In reply to Erin:

    And thanks for the nice compliment!

  • Great to see you at a new location. Maybe I will be able to leave messages more easily!

    The quilts all look great!

  • In reply to VickiB:

    Thanks! It does seem pretty easy to leave comments, I like that and the new location!

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