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Quilt tops on Longarm and Tension fixed

Some days in the life of a quilter rock more than others. This one didn’t rock so much! The day I load a quilt onto the Longarm tends to be long. I have to break it up! Throughout the day I swam and got a pedicure – nothing like orange toe nail polish to keep... Read more »

Two heart quilt tops done

Back in February I had this fabulous idea, I would make both of my daughters matching lap sized heart quilts. While I was making one, why not just do another? How long could it take me, a month or two? Or eight but I did finish both tops today. Hurray! I really love the colors... Read more »

Modern Quilts and Traditional quilts

I love quilts, all quilts!  There are all types that really appeal to me and a lot has to do with how the color of the fabric works with the design.  I learned to quilt the very traditional way, everything by hand.  Everything?  Oh yes, everything.  We cut out each piece, traced each seam and... Read more »

Quilting and the University of Illinois

I love quilts and I love the University of Illinois. I graduated from there, my Dad graduated from there as did my sister and both of my daughters. Wow, I must have a billion U of I quilts, right? Well, no. Why not? Um….orange and blue! Now don’t go Chief on me, I love orange... Read more »