Summer Memories - I Was 15 Going on 16

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“Pick an age and write about what summer – one memory, one day or the summer in general – was like from when you were that age”

The summer going into my junior year of high school was spent like most summers of my youth, at an overnight camp in Wisconsin.  That particular summer I was a CIT – counselor in training.  That meant a few things, I wasn’t a camper, but not yet a counselor, in limbo, which really is how most teenagers at that age feel no matter where they are for the summer.  My friends and I spent that summer shadowing different jobs at camp, from the kitchen staff to the waterfront, to the office crew and beyond.  We visited colleges (Madison and Northwestern) and even went to a Billy Joel concert at nearby Alpine Valley.  Although we didn’t love our CIT leader, I was with the best group of girlfriends, some I had known since I was ten years old.

I started that summer at camp at fifteen and when we had a weekend “off” in between camp sessions, or intersession as it was called, my parents threw me a surprise sweet sixteen party at Fuddruckers in beautiful Matteson, Illinois.  It was extra special because some of my camp friends, who lived further away from Wisconsin and didn’t go home to their families, got to come home with me for the intersession and were at the party along with all my high school friends.  My two worlds of friends collided and I loved it.  And I was surprised, which is always a good outcome at one’s surprise party.

Bonnie's Sweet Sixteen

Apparently talking on the phone was my “thing” hence this cake:

Bonnie's Sweet Sixteen 2

One of the adventures we went on that summer included working for a golf charity event.  There was probably eight of us total and we were given golf carts for the entire day.  Although I had my driver’s permit for almost a year, I didn’t quite have my official license, something I failed to admit to the man in charge of the event.  The idea of driving around all day in a golf cart was still new and exciting.  No signs, traffic, or speed limits (that we followed) just green hills.  Technically I think we had actual responsibilities that day. We were supposed to give rides to the golfers, but I don’t really remember doing that.  I just remember speeding up and down the path, and sometimes off the path, with my friends.  I remember nothing but fun, no stress, and the wind in my sun-streaked hair. I remember thinking that I just experienced one of the best day of my life.   And it was.BonnieonGolfCart

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