Work Place Harassment, It's a Real Thing

Whew child. Can I talk to y’all for a second? Workplace harassment is real. It’s a real issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. This is not something that only happens to women; from personal experience, I’ve seen it happen to men too. Why is it so hard for people to remain appropriate around... Read more »

The Social Experiment

You ever realized that you were great at giving other people advice but couldn’t seem to take your own. It’s easy to advise someone about a situation, from the outside looking in but when you find yourself in a similar situation it gets complicated. That’s me. About a few weeks ago, I decided to do... Read more »

How Many Of Us Have Them?

Have you ever told someone, “Well, as long as you’re happy… “ when you know whatever they’re doing or plan to do is dumb as hell? Over the last year, I BECAME that friend.. Don’t be that friend. This post is dedicated strictly to my ladies because I find that men have absolutely no problem... Read more »

An Ode to 2017

Hi guys! First things first, I just want to apologize to all my subscribers for my obvious absence. This year has been crazy (in a good way) and I just haven’t had the time to blog as much as I would have liked. With that being said, I resolve to blog much more often in... Read more »


After dealing with the undue stress of school, work and trying to maintain somewhat of a social life, alongside being a mom, I finally experienced burn out. I felt hopeless and truly overwhelmed. I was starting to dislike my job, and even though I only worked three days a week, the thought of going in... Read more »

How I Pulled Off The Impossible

When I tell people at work I’m a full time student, I get the incredulous stare. When I tell people at school, that I work full time, they look at me as if I have three heads. Add being a mommy into the conversation, and they’re almost prone to calling me a liar because it’s... Read more »

Change is a Resolution

Every year around this time, or more so around the end of December, comes the constant ridicule of New Years resolutions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen memes on social media shaming the “New Year, New Me.” folks. Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. The start of a new... Read more »

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

When I was younger, my mother stayed the tender age 28 for a number of years. Every time a birthday would roll around, she would say she was 28. Of course at the age of six or seven, I was too enthralled in my own thing to question my mother’s stagnant age of twenty-eight. Looking... Read more »

Don't Miss Your Beat

Don’t miss your beat. Don’t miss your beat for anyone or anything. I had to say it two times because that’s how strongly I feel about it. I only write about things I’m familiar with and missing my beat is one of them. Well, used to be. Don’t miss your chance to smile, to progress,... Read more »

Who Needs A Shrink, When You've Got Books?!

Up until my early twenties, I had always been a fairly happy person. The person to always look on the brighter side of things, and who wouldn’t let too much of anything break my spirit. But as I got older, along with life experiences, that part of me got lost along the way. My disposition... Read more »