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A funny thing happened on the way to the bedroom: a takeaway from the Stormy interview

  In Stormy’s account of the start of their tryst, I laughed at what Trump did; I couldn’t resist. He pulled down his pants And gave her the chance To take time to spank him by flicking her wrist.

Will Stormy Daniels bare more than Trump wants to see?

  On the day that the CBS interview airs, Reports talk about the “alleged” Trump affairs. I am hoping that Stormy, Will delete “allege” for me, And give proof of his guilt despite allĀ  he forswears.  

Sex and silence in the Oval Office

  Trump has slept with an ecdysiast Who occasionally leads a porn cast. A signed non-disclosure Does not make it kosher, And his White House staff should be half-mast.  

How will Trump weather Stormy?

  A porn star whose stage name is Stormy Said to Trump, “Was there someone before me?” “Yes, my dear, not a few, Although none sweet as you, And Melania happens to bore me.”