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Are Republican Minds and Hearts Too Glacial To Listen To Siku?

Siku, the unbearably cute polar bear, has become a cyber-sensation. He was born on November 22 at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark. He weighs only about 8 pounds and because his mother could not produce milk, he must be bottle-fed by three zookeepers until he is one year old. His name means “sea ice”—something no... Read more »

End of Dais For Rick Perry?

Rick Perry knew sooner or later We’d see him for a poor debater. He doesn’t seem at all prepared Or if deep down he really cared. In one debate, he said, to wit, “You’re flip-flopping again,” to Mitt. But then his words got mixed and muddled And there he stood  a bit befuddled. Republicans may hope... Read more »