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Say this secret word and you'll get no applause from the Right

    “…there’s nothing wrong with being ‘woke'”   Boris Johnson   A word that’s anathema to Conservative folk Who get high when their damning it like they’re on coke. As if wayward kin, It gets under their skin, Like forbidden fruit and 4-letter words: WOKE.

How do you rate on the Mohs Scale? A word test.

  How many of these minerals can you name? 1. You can play on one of these or propose marriage with it. 2. Rubies and Sapphires are varieties of this aluminum oxide whose name is derived from the Sanskrit ‘Kuruvinda’ meaning ‘ruby’. 3. November’s birthstone and Utah’s state gemstone, it was used as the title... Read more »

Trump: Misspeller-in-chief

  “’Our great country has been divided for decade, but it will come together again. Sometimes protest is needed in order to heel, and heel we will,’ Trump tweeted a little after 4:00 p.m. ET on Saturday. He quickly deleted that version to post a revision. Unfortunately, that too used ‘heel’ instead of ‘heal.'”  []... Read more »

Trump's Inaugural Address doesn't deliver

  The Inaugural speech Trump delivered was short And it was, I’m afraid  a  pedestrian sort. Much like in the vein of those in his campaign And lacking a memorable line to report.              

Expecting a great Inaugural Address from Trump is laughable

  “Incoming White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway says Americans can expect a ‘powerful’ but concise inaugural speech from President-elect Trump after he is sworn into office at the U.S. Capitol on Friday. ‘He is a man who states his case very clearly, and very concisely and very convincingly,’she said. ‘And I predict that will be... Read more »

Kevin McCarthy speaks the speech tripping on his tongue

  “In McCarthy’s Monday address, Russia’s hybrid warfare became ‘high-bred warfare,’ and restrictions on U.S. energy shipments became ‘the band on America.’ He spoke of the ‘beth path forward to safety and security’; he asserted that Syria’s regime uses chemical weapons ‘to the very day’; he argued that the Soviet Union collapsed ‘because of America’s... Read more »

Are you seeing more crow's feet these days?

Thanks to ChicagoNow blogger Weather Girl and her wonderful  post “The Language of Crows” for reminding me of the following. I wonder if average Joe knows The word for a number of crows? Of course, every  birder Would say it’s a  murder; A fact  that their specialty shows.

To those (like Bonnie McGrath) who still lament the demotion of Pluto

  I wrote this after reading the following in Bonnie McGrath’s ChicagoNow blog, Mom, I think I’m poignant:  “So Clyde [Tombaugh]  and his story have always been a family story for us. When Pluto was downgraded from planet to dwarf planet, it stung our whole family.  My mother cried.”   Though it’s true no one’s... Read more »

A Meditation on an Expletive

  Author’s Note: The following verse was inspired by “Even if you meditate, yes, you can say the F-word” by ChicagoNow blogger You Know Neen.   Meditation’s a way to be calm; All you need to repeat is an om. But at times you will find That the stress and the grind Will still make... Read more »

The Raison d'etre for my Blogging

  Why do I write? It’s a fair kind of question. So  that food for thought might Get the proper digestion.