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On the travails of winter

  Old Man Winter  grips us with his stranglehold might. We must  dress to the gills to avoid a frostbite. Each day we awake But  we don’t get a break, And the morn is much  worse than the previous night.

On the joys and perils of ordinary conversations

  Whenever we meet for a chat And  talk about this or on that, It’s sports or the weather That binds us together Or breaks us apart in a spat.    

Winter is coming: A triolet

  Snow’s in the offing; Winter is coming. The chills and the coughing. Snow’s in the offing. Coats donning and doffing And furnaces humming. Snow’s in the offing: WINTER IS COMING!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!      

Thoughts on a muggy day

    “‘It’s kind of like walking through a swamp really. It’s one of those kind of weather when you’re breathing the air and you feel like you kind of have to push away to get through,’ said Joe Mandel, who spoke with ABC7 in Chicago’s Loop.”  []   My bad disposition And disgruntled viewpoint... Read more »

The vernal equinox and I

  It is the first full day of Spring. The days now  grow in length. It’s time to start the gardening. If I can find the strength.

November? No foolin'

When Winter arrives and each day we get number; Our water pipes freeze and we call on a plumber. It’s then we’ll remember The start of November The days we enjoyed a brief Indian Summer.

Why Spike didn't pass the smell test: a poem for the Weather Girl

  “It’s disappointing that it didn’t open because it’s really quite splendid,” said Chicago Botanic Garden conservation scientist Patrick Herendeen, who narrated the opening to the crowd. “They’re amazing plants. Their flowers are amazing and their odor is amazing. However, this is not unprecedented. It just didn’t perform as expected. But that’s just like our... Read more »

All Wednesdays are wonderful but one

Wednesdays are  wonderful. Except when thunderful.

My crocus choristers: What a difference a day makes!

Last Saturday I introduced visually and poetically a congregation of crocuses in my garden.  They were a fitting image for the first full day of Spring.   Then Monday arrived and Old Man Winter reasserted his presence.  My crocuses were left out in the snow.  Awaiting the next sunny opportunity to burst out in song.... Read more »

Neptune to hit Boston and drop another foot of snow

In Boston the town of the Bean, They’re getting more snow than they’ve seen. They pray He above’ll Stop making them shovel, And  wonder: What does it all mean?