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Federico Fellini: Film Director Who Was Both Visionary and Provocateur

Born today: Federico Fellini. On the canvas of the Silver Screen, he Mixed the colors of reality with the surreal And leavened psychology with sex appeal.

My Reaction to Gordon Ramsey's Straight Up Dawg

If I desecrated a hot dog By putting on ketchup I might only precipitate An unpleasant retch-up. “The menu includes what Ramsay is calling the Straight Up Dawg (has the man never heard of Superdawg inventor Maury Berman?) and is dressing his foot-long hot dog with pickles, onions, mustard … and … ketchup! There is... Read more »

"Scarface" Al Capone: Mobster Par Excellence

Today’s the birthday of Al Capone Notorious gangster and world-wide known. Perhaps the most ruthless of law-breaking men Till evading his taxes put him in the pen.

Millard Fillmore: Who He?

Born today was Millard Fillmore. When POTUS*, sedition’s voices grew shrill more. On the issue of slavery he straddled the fence. He isn’t remembered, ‘cept in the past tense.** *A 2017 C-Span poll of historians ranked Fillmore as the seventh-worst president. In his profile of Fillmore for the Miller Center of Public Affairs, historian Michael... Read more »

Lucretia Mott: Feminist Firebrand

Born today: Lucretia Mott. Feminist, orator, abolitionist. Let what she did be not forgot. Though a line’s not enough for such a long list.* To wit: One of the early leaders of the women’s rights movementOne of the founders of the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery SocietyCo-wrote the Declaration of Sentiments in 1848 for the First Women’s... Read more »

Betsy Ross: Legendary Seamstress

Today’s the birthday of Betsy Ross. On her eternal honor’s been bestowed For the flag of stripes, red/white across And 13 stars on a field of blue she sewed.* *despite no historical evidence of it.

Getting a Rise Out of Inflation

In Paris, food costs are rising, even for the humble baguette TRIBUNE HEADLINE Nothing causes more vexation Than an increase in inflation. Take the change that isn’t chump To fill your gas tank at the pump. Or the markups at the grocery. Well, we don’t like it. No, Sirree! We’re not alone. In Paris, I... Read more »

Happy 81st Birthday, Dr. Fauci

Born today was Dr. Fauci, Famed epidemiologist. Viruses get very grouchy When they find he does exist.

Reflections on the Winter Solstice

This Winter Solstice I’ll think of the Druids, Those Celtic priests with magical fluids. They were poets as well, and astronomers who Built Stonehenge to see the Sun peek thru. To celebrate the yuletide, it’d seem, They passed on to us a seasonal meme: The mistletoe. Cut from the holy oak. So blessings on these... Read more »

I Can't Help Being Positive. It's in My Blood.

I once thought my blood type was O But that’s not what the last test did show. It is B Positive So like that, in a jiff, I’ve a motto to go with the flow.