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Tucker Carlson's Feminine Side

‘Report Moms whose children wear masks. Confront the masked outside’, he asks. Couldn’t either opinion he’s sharin’ Have come out of the mouth of a Karen? Justin Baragona@justinbaragonaTucker Carlson is now telling his audience to harass people who wear face masks outside. If they see children wearing masks, Tucker says the response should be no... Read more »

Josh Hawley stands alone to oppose bipartisan anti-Asian hate crimes bill

Yesterday 4-22 May Senator Hawley always rue. Let history etch upon this date He cast the only vote for hate.

Surprise! Surprise! DeSantis does an impression of Putin in Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed into law on Monday a bill that for all intents and purposes is designed to quash peaceful protests. He calls it an “anti-riot” law, but it doesn’t go after rioters as much as it’s a full-frontal assault on the 1st Amendment right to peacefully assemble and petition the government... Read more »

The likelihood of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's becoming President

There will be a reemergence of Atlantis Before we elect a President DeSantis. Ancient Atlantis under the sea

The White Sox Broadcast team---Jason and Steve--- is the best in the business

There are golden voices in baseball today But two in a league of their own. Benetti does the play by play And the color is done by Stone. They tap into thrills and measure the fray Of bats that are booming, of throws in the zone. Somehow they find all the right words to say... Read more »

How to Solve the Border Crisis

The Statue of Liberty’s Golden Door Is the symbol of what we were founded to be. Immigrant-friendly, humane to the core Willing to help those who yearn to breathe free. So now when these values some want to ignore And turn back the masses to whence they did flee, Instead let’s uphold our ideals even... Read more »

Marcus Cicero sheds light on McConnell's Red Herring

You may have heard Senator McConnell on the Senate floor preemptively taking credit for a resurgent economy and a pandemic on its last legs. In his version these were inevitable because of the great work under the previous administration. Biden is just riding the tide that started rolling in prior to January 20, 2021. Here... Read more »

Synchronicity strikes again

Jung at heart: A little background I’ve written a few times about what most of us call ‘coincidences’. Maybe I notice them more than I should. But I do. I won’t remind you now of those I’ve covered here in the past. But let me describe a startling coincidence that happened just yesterday. Early yesterday... Read more »

Using a Sic (sic) Day

Inspired by Margaret Serious’s post “Happy National Grammar Day” When quoting non-fiction or fic, You may find a grammatical tic. To show that it’s real In parentheses seal It with Latin for ‘so’ which is ‘sic’.

Ivanka? "Lock her up, Lock her up!, Lock her up!"

Ivanka Trump Used Personal Email Account for Government Business, Review Finds New York Times Headline   Trump’s attacks against Hillary were hailed How¬† his base yelled they wanted her jailed. But what Clinton did do Ivanka did too: On her personal server gov. business e-mailed.