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In defense of bicycle riders: Peter Bella notwithstanding

I wrote the following after reading ChicagoNow blogger Peter Bella’s “A Modest Proposal for Bicyclists”.   There’s a blogger who says that among his dislikes Is the reckless unlawful way people ride bikes. I think he should chill ‘Cause I don’t think they kill As often as people who drive down turnpikes.

Is Lincoln Losing His Appeal In Springfield?

News Item: The Springfield State Journal-Register reports that the number of visitors to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum could fall below 300,000 for the first time when the final 2013 figures are calculated. In Springfield last year At the sites about Lincoln It seems that attendance Was alarmingly shrinkin’. If this trend holds... Read more »

How Well Do You Know the Middle East? Can You Identify Their "Windy Cities"?

    It looks like we’re stuck in the Middle East.  Again.  So the least we should do is learn a thing or two about it.  Let’s start with their cities. Everyone, I think, knows that Chicago is the 3rd most populous city in our country. Can you match the number of the Middle East ... Read more »

Henry Royce: His Car: The Creme de la Creme

Born today was Henry Royce Whose cars still are  deluxe  and choice. Named after him and Charles Rolls, And priced  beyond the reach of proles. 2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom. $543,000. 6.7 liter, V12, 453 Horsepower. Mpg=11 (city) 19 (country).

Isaac Newton: Santa Must Obey His Laws of Motion

Born today was Sir  Isaac Newton Perhaps the greatest mind in science. Yet  not  conceited or  highfalutin, He said he stood on the shoulders of giants.  

How I Became a Time Traveller (Just for a Day)

      H.G. Wells eat your heart out.  Yesterday I travelled back in time.  For this temporal reversal I owe it all to ChicagoNow and something called QuickPress. This is the order of events, at least as much of it as the gods of cyberspace permit  me to reveal. Thanksgiving morning I sat down before... Read more »

If You Want to Meet Mark Twain, Go to Galena

Me and my gal have just got back from Galena, Illinois. It was our third sojourn there. I wrote about the last one in April. We—my brother Wally and his wife Bernice too—spent a few days again in the best Bed & Breakfast in town, the Steamboat House. Proprietors, Glenn and Char, were as warm and... Read more »

City of Big Red-light Cameras

  According to the AOL Auto Staff, Chicago is 8th on the list of the  top ten  biggest metropolitan speed traps. Chicago won this distinction by having the most red-light cameras of any American city.  Of course, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would argue that the proliferation of red-light cameras makes for a safer Windy City.   The revenue Emanuel gets... Read more »

Getting High in Galena

I took my gal to Galena last week.  We (my brother Wally and his wife Bernice too) whiled away  a few romantic days at the Steamboat Bed and Breakfast there. Glen and Char, the “innkeepers” made us feel right at home. Their place was once the opulent residence of Daniel Smith Harris, a mining  magnate and steamboat... Read more »