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Driving Mr. Emanuel----Through Red Lights

  I’m no fan of  red-light cameras.  Not because they’d catch me in a violation.  No, it has more to do with disliking being spied on .  You know, the  big-brother  syndrome. So I live with them.  Begrudgingly. Which brings me to a notorious scofflaw in this context.  Mayor Emanuel. It seems his official vehicle... Read more »

Motorman, Is That a Bedbug on My Seat?

FYI: “A video circulating on social media purportedly shows bedbugs on a CTA rail car, but the CTA is denying any sight of them.”  Tracy Swartz @tracyswartz l RedEye   I’ve been reading a blogger who tells That there may be bedbugs on the ELs. Will cimex lectularius Make it just too precarious To commute... Read more »

The Nemesis of Public Transportation: The Cell Phone

Fellow Chicago Now blogger, Kevin O’Neil,  writes about a guy in Philadelphia who bragged on network news about jamming cell phones on public transportation. O’Neil points out that this form of taking the law in your own hands was foolish because it’s  punishable by a $16,ooo fine and/or jail time. I don’t ride the buses or L trains much... Read more »