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In defense of bicycle riders: Peter Bella notwithstanding

I wrote the following after reading ChicagoNow blogger Peter Bella’s “A Modest Proposal for Bicyclists”.   There’s a blogger who says that among his dislikes Is the reckless unlawful way people ride bikes. I think he should chill ‘Cause I don’t think they kill As often as people who drive down turnpikes.

Driving Mr. Emanuel----Through Red Lights

  I’m no fan of  red-light cameras.  Not because they’d catch me in a violation.  No, it has more to do with disliking being spied on .  You know, the  big-brother  syndrome. So I live with them.  Begrudgingly. Which brings me to a notorious scofflaw in this context.  Mayor Emanuel. It seems his official vehicle... Read more »