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Will Trump's iconoclasm change the unwritten rules of the presidency?

  To the norms of his job Trump refuses adherence; Like revoking John Brennan’s security clearance. Let us hope that tradition Survives its attrition And the norms will return upon Trump’s disappearance.

The White House: The National employment agency for temps

  The White House of Trump’s like a revolving door. The turnover’s  heavy, and there will be more. The changes in casting Could be everlasting, Until Mr. Trump’s on the cutting room floor.

If Trump lied that Obama tapped his phones, he should be impeached

“The president cited zero sources and gave zero evidence for these earthshaking claims, and even his top aides were reportedly caught flat-footed by them. Then, he changed the subject from this allegedly momentous scandal he had just discovered to tweet about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s low ratings as host of The Apprentice. And then he headed out... Read more »

Trump's gag rule stifles democracy

  I’m beginning to think Mr. Trump is afraid Of freedom of press and of those in the trade. He won’t have news sessions To answer their questions For fear that he’ll step on the land mines he’s laid.     SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!

Trump's inner circle is the first step in betraying his voters

For change Trump ran as an outsider; Denounced beltway and lobbyist loot. So whom does he gather around him? Giuliani, Pence, Priebus, and Newt.