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On coping with modern technology: a lament

  My thermostat is very  smart; On the cutting edge and state of art. But the trouble, you see, Is entirely me And the lack of the brains on my part.

On accepting social change

  I don’t think I’ll ever grow fond of cell phones; Of their omnipresence and annoying ringtones. I have one perforce, For convenience, of course. One has to keep up with the families Jones.  

Internet overload?

  So much of our lives is on-line; Who we are it does almost define. Everyday must we face Creatures from cyberspace? Can’t  we once and awhile decline?    

Crashing While Not on a Diet?

  NPR News: The world’s largest maker of crash test dummies is making one that is obese. Our engineers in earnest strive To make sure cars are safe to drive. They’re testing them with newer  dummies Who have more stuffing in their  tummies; The fat will live with safer seating. They’ll live to die from... Read more »

I Bet Alexander Graham Bell (Who Died on This Day) Never Saw This Coming

Today in 1922 Died Alexander Graham Bell. So blessed he was he never knew The social nuisance of a cell.

Washington Roebling: Motorcar Whiz and Titanic Hero

  Born today was Washington Roebling A pioneer in automob’ling. Race car engineer, mechanic, Lost his life aboard Titanic.   “Roebling had big plans for his company, which was also producing a handsome touring edition of the Raceabout. He was constantly on a quest to improve his cars, and in the spring of 1912, he... Read more »

Kenneth Grahame: He Gave Us Mr. Toad...Warts And All.

  Born today was Kenneth Grahame, Whose Thaddeus Toad did mischief and  mayhem. Any  adventure he would take a chance in. A sort of amphibian Sir Richard Branson.   Sir Richard Branson. Was Mr. Toad his inspiration?

Alexander Graham Bell: What Would He Say About the Selfie?

Born today was Mr. Bell, Invented the phone, as  all know so  well. He couldn’t  foresee it , for better or worse: Contemporary clones some consider a curse.

Louis Tiffany: The Epitome of Beautiful Windows and Lamps

  Born today was Louis Tiffany. Precious  few of us, if any, Alone or en masse, Not aesthetically mesmerized by his stained glass. “Salvaged from the Laurelton Hall living room, this[“Spring”] is one of the Four Seasons window panels produced by Louis Comfort Tiffany c. 1899–1900. The four panels were exhibited at Exposition Universelle, Paris... Read more »

Isaac Asimov: I, Renaissance Man

Born today was Isaac Asimov. To his memory I bid a fond mazel tov. Prolific author of fiction and non- Somewhere, I wonder, if he’s writing on. I won’t pretend to be objective about Isaac Asimov. I may have read more of his books than any other author’s.  He wrote more than 500 of them. ... Read more »