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Two key Republicans allow greed to rule

    Corker gets millions the Middle Class crumbs; Where’s Collins’ integrity now? On voting for tax breaks the GOP comes And the richest of rich take a bow.

Trump's tax cuts are handouts to the fattest cats

  So the middle class tax cuts are Trump’s Christmas gift; Although in a few years they’re flotsam adrift. But those with the pelf Like Trump’s family itself Will be riding the crest of a permanent lift.  

On the GOP version of Tax Reform

  The Republicans say they must pass a tax bill Since they’ve done hardly anything else on the Hill. But their bill is a mash For the folks with most cash And an affluent raid on the federal till.

The GOP tax bill is classic snakeoil

  Here’s the track record of Reaganomics: A.k.a. trickle down, supply-side. Like the rest of the quacksalver tonics, It has failed every  time it’s been tried.  

Trump's stats so far

  As Trump comes to his 100-day mark, He has hit nothing out of the park. Of the things he’s been bragging About?  They are lagging, And it’s clear his bite’s less than his bark.