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On the joys and perils of ordinary conversations

  Whenever we meet for a chat And  talk about this or on that, It’s sports or the weather That binds us together Or breaks us apart in a spat.    

What on Earth? Kyrie Irving's flattened view

  “While Irving admitted he was taught the earth is round, he believes it has caused much of humanity to be brainwashed. His argument points to the fact people are taught the earth is round from an early age without a chance to form their own opinion.”  []   The NBA star Kyrie Irving Contends... Read more »

The Bare Market in Sports

  There’s a sports list of  five best in streaking At which I decided on peeking. Of course,  it is crude To parade around nude, And your shape may elicit critiquing.        

The lowly Bears now languish in what used to be the Cubby hole

  A question I pose is who cares In the least about Chicago’s  Bears? Do these gridiron wrecks Deserve getting their checks While the foisted upon fan now  despairs?

Noah becomes the center of attention in New York

  Adieu to Joakim Noah Thanks for his  fire and passion. He  left us for more dough-ah. So  glad he got to cash in.  

Bobby Knight's on team Trump, or Blowhards unite!

  “I have never voted. I’m not here to represent the Republican Party. Quite frankly I don’t give a damn about the Republicans. And on the other hand I don’t give a damn about the Democrats either.” [Bobby Knight, quoted on]   That the great  ignoramus Bob  Knight Would  be for Donald Trump  seems... Read more »

Separated at Birth: Arne Duncan and Randy Whitman

  The last resemblance I posited  between two famous people (John Madden and Spencer Tracy) got a dissenting vote from my frequent visitor and astute commenter Jack, who thought Tracy’s jaw was a bit longer than Madden’s. This time I think the similarity of physiognomies is beyond exception. Randy Whitman on the left above is... Read more »

My take on fantasy sports

“The Nevada Gaming Control Board ruled daily fantasy sports sites are forms of gambling and can no longer operate in the state.” [CNBC]   I don’t play the slots as a general rule The lottery’s not a good plan to see. Let  others indulge in DraftKings and FanDuel, Sci-Fi  movies will do  for my  fantasy.

How I survived the Stanley Cup

  At the sight of a  crowd I’m uptight; Like the one for the Black Hawks last night. As I watched on TV, I didn’t see me; So I knew that I must be all right.

The First Tweet isn't sweet on the Cubs

Barack Obama joins Twitter, follows every Chicago sports team except the Cubs By Nate Scott May 18, 2015 12:58 pm ET The president’s given  his favorite clubs On Twitter; and somehow omitted the Cubs. Of course some will view it As shocking he’d  do it, Especially in partisan pubs.