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GOP asks Hillary if she's a Socialist: Hello! We're all Socialists.

  Hillary haters are milling new grist They’re labeling her a crypto-Socialist. But Social Security And Medicare surety Are programs on which all the voters  insist.  

Mr. Byrne, compassion for refugees is not a card game

      “Now he’s playing the compassion card to ridicule Americans who have real and genuine fears of Islamic terrorists making their way into America with the Syrian refugees.” [Dennis Byrne, ChicagoNow blogger]   We’re a country of immigrants; such As the  refugees who need  help much. Some think  out of fashion This  “card”... Read more »

Thoughts on the upcoming Papal Visit

  Pope Francis is headed our way. He’ll speak in September they say. If Republicans listen, They’ll learn  what they’re missin’. Why they should do more than just pray.

Mike Pence is doubling down on the RFRA.

    Taken at his word,  Governor Pence Has befriended gay ladies and gents. “Our law was designed With no bias in mind. The  problem is  ambivalence.”

Is Cindy Crawford's Body All That Important?

  The above unvarnished photo of Cindy Crawford at the ripe-old age of 47 has gone viral. Which means it’s enjoying an ephemeral buzzfest on social media.  Some are talking about it like it’s a watershed for the feminist movement.  “Empowering”. “A teachable moment”. The photo appeared in a 2013 edition of the fashion-beauty-health  magazine... Read more »

Downton Abbey's Frank Sinatra?

  I caught  the latest episode of Downton Abbey Sunday after missing it a week ago.  As its  fans all know, Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) is having doubts about one suitor, Terence Sampson (Patrick Kennedy), while another, Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden), makes his pitch It’s only one strand in a tapestry of subplots in... Read more »

Ethics in a Nutshell for a Short-Attention-Span Age

  [From a BBC website: Deontology teaches that some acts are right or wrong in themselves, whatever the consequences.] How would one act if he (or she)  knew sure What were to happen in the future?

Nancy Writebol and Her Spitting Image

  In March of last year, shortly after Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio of Argentina became Pope Francis I,  I wrote about his  uncanny resemblance to actor Jonathan Pryce who coincidentally portrayed the Argentine dictator Juan Peron in the movie “Evita”.  If one could judge from the response to the post, many readers had also  noticed... Read more »

Bruce Rauner, You Can Run But You Can't Hide

    We all know about that American Dream stuff.  Horatio Alger can be you.  The trouble is it doesn’t  work for the vast majority of us. And when it does for that  lucky few (and don’t fool yourself, luck has a lot to do with it), the other side of the coin, the Common... Read more »

Rosa Parks: Black History In Transit, Or The Fare Lady of Civil Rights

  Born today was Rosa Parks. Her  courage gets the highest marks. She changed the way we look at us By simply sitting on a bus. [The bus that Rosa Parks was arrested on,  December 1, 1955 , in Montgomery, Alabama. It  is now  in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.]