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Levi Strauss: First Name In Pants

Born today was Levi Strauss Whose pants are worn around the house. And if the  husband is a mouse, They’re  probably worn by his spouse.   “In 1872, a Nevada tailor named Jacob Davis asked Strauss to join him in a business venture. He had added metal rivets to the pockets of denim pants, making... Read more »

Toulouse-Lautrec: Through His Eyes We See Fin-de-Siecle Paris

Born today the artist  Toulouse-Lautrec, Who  essentially was  a genetic wreck. Abnormally short with a penchant for dalliance Due , it’s been said, to his large genitaliance. [Two Girl Friends] “Lautrec’s poignant depiction of a prostitute in the painting Woman before a Mirror (2003.20.15) offers a counterpoint to the dazzling exuberance of Miss Loïe Fuller. Nude... Read more »

Franz Lizst: Flamboyant Concert Pianist---Prolific Composer

Today’s the birthday of Franz Lizst. In Weimar a princess with passion he  kissed. Then at the keyboard he did glom And wrote the piece called Liebestraum. “After the concert, he stands there like a conqueror on the field of battle…the hearers look at each other in mute astonishment as after a storm from a clear sky, as... Read more »

George Sand: French Feminist, Novelist, Most Famous for Her Inamorato

  Today’s the birthday of George Sand. Despite the name, she was no man.* A novelist in much demand, Especially by  Frederic Chopin. *TO GEORGE SAND. A RECOGNITION. True genius, but true woman! dost deny The woman’s nature with a manly scorn, And break away the gauds and armlets worn By weaker women in captivity?... Read more »

Calamity Jane: Doris Day She Wasn't

Born today Calamity Jane, Sharpshooter on the Western plain. She had a thing for Wild Bill, But looking at her made him ill.

50 Shades of Purple

Sex and Relationships Note:  A survey of over 2000 people found that the color  purple makes men irresistible to the ladies. If a man wants to be A magnet for chicks, It depends candidly On the color he picks. For the truth is a cough, Or a belch, or a slurp’ll Not turn the girl... Read more »

Cosmopolitan Comes in 365 Varieties

Media Alert:  Cosmopolitan On-Line Magazine featues  a sexual position for every day of the year. “The Sea Horse,” “Back-up Boogie”, “Now and Zen”, and “Rock-a–Bye Booty” are a few of the erotic examples. Cosmo has a new position Every day for your coition. So if yours do never vary Trot  something not  missionary.

Hugh Hefner: Sex and the Geriatric Male

Playboy Hefner’s eighty-six. Happy that his heart still ticks. Still a magnet for the chicks? He hopes with a Viagra fix.

Beauty and the Beholder: Advice from the Battlefield of the Sexes

“Dear Harriette: My husband has a wandering eye, and I need him to stop this behavior. Last week we went on a dinner date, and my husband’s neck was on a swivel. In walks a group of ladies, one of whom caught my husband’s eye. This made me furious, but I did not want to... Read more »

That's Amore: A Clerihew on General Petraeus

“So now the tempest tears him up by the roots, And on the ground extends the noble ruin.” John Dryden (On Marc Antony whose love for Cleopatra done him in) General Petraeus Was contrite on the dais. He succumbed to the surge Of a sexual urge.