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Thoughts on the popularity of the Living Dead

  The zombies are spreading  from LA to Boston They even are haunting the world of Jane Austen. Despite so unpleasant They are omnipresent And more stories than not they are tossed in.      

Dr. Trump's "medical team" won't give Hillary a clean bill of health

“Fox ‘News’ crack team of physicians joined Sean Hannity to natter about Hillary Clinton’s health and whether the right-wing crazies who claim her health is bad were onto anything. This is your daily reminder of the Fox Effect. It begins on the wingnut sites and social media, when someone dredges up something from the past... Read more »

Yoda and Darth Vader Will Soon Be Chicagoans

  From the hours of A.M. to P.M. R2D2 and Han Solo, see ’em. Tween the Lake and  the Drive Will the Force come alive At George Lucas’s Star Wars Museum.