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Tin foil hat Republicans break into SCIF to attack Schiff

  A group of Republicans barged in the room; Toting  their phones,  they were breaking the rules. It was to please Trump we would have to assume. When the facts are against them, they turn into fools.    

The Silence of the Lambs: Congressional Republicans in the fold

    King James Bible And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?  [Luke 6:39]   As Trump gets entangled in criminal thickets, What do McConnell and Ryan say?  [crickets]

After an abysmal performance in Helsinki, Trump, with vorpal blade, tries to cut the not

” President Donald Trump sought to walk back his remarks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday by correcting a single word uttered during the 46-minute joint appearance in Helsinki.When Trump said he couldn’t see any reason why Russia ‘would’ have been involved in the U.S. presidential election what he meant to say was ‘wouldn’t.'”  ... Read more »

Ryan, McConnell, the Memo, and the Trumpian Fifth column

  The FBI’s under attack. We must all gird our loins and fight back. The Republicans help To save Mr. Trump’s scalp; Is there any who isn’t a hack?

Republican finger pointing is par for the course

  Although both parties level the blame At the other for causing this shutdown. It’s the GOP’s fault and the shame For the ape who likes putting a putt down.

The specter of a landslide in November palls the Republican future

  One thing that is certain from cradle to grave Whom the Fates do a number on nothing can save. The midterms are coming Will kismet be drumming The GOP out with a blue tidal wave?