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To understand Trump look below the beltway

“Trump’s hands have been the subject of scrutiny since the 1980s, when Spy magazine, founded by Graydon Carter, started calling him “the short-fingered vulgarian,” apparently annoying Trump. It’s not hard to gauge exactly why Trump is so bothered when people say he has tiny hands. For 12-year-old boys everywhere, small hands are generally equated with... Read more »

Reflections on a new trend: decluttering

  Author’s note: The following verse was occasioned by reading in the Tribune’s Life and Style section  (pp. 4-5) “Behind the Zen of decluttering: The self-help trend of the season is fueled by a charismatic cleaning guru [Marie Kondo] and a ‘clutter crisis'” by Nara Schoenberg. There are people who own and possess So much... Read more »

If you like crowds, you may like this. Carl Jung notwithstanding

  Yesterday I wrote about my reaction to watching on TV the crowds celebrating the Black Hawks’ victory.  That I was relieved, in a way, I was not in the middle of the human congestion.  While I was writing I wondered what the phobia of crowds is called.  I googled it and founded out: ochlophobia... Read more »

How I survived the Stanley Cup

  At the sight of a  crowd I’m uptight; Like the one for the Black Hawks last night. As I watched on TV, I didn’t see me; So I knew that I must be all right.

Chew your obsession away

  “Can’t get that song out of your head? Chewing gum could turn off annoying ‘earworms’ according to new research from the University of Reading.” []   Are motifs and melodies in your head, chum? Obsessive tunes you continually hum? There is an RX To get rid of this hex. You can silence the songs... Read more »

A Post Mortem: My appointment with Carl Jung

  The following narrative is fiction. And, therefore, any resemblance to real people or real events is purely coincidental. Which is why I had to see him.  The coincidences.  Is there some reason they happen so often to me?  Or at least that’s how it seems. No one I’ve heard of knows more about them... Read more »

An Enchanted Evening Happened 66 years ago today. Coincidentally speaking.

  I played pinochle earlier today. Wound up winning  $8. In one of the games I caught all the kings. All 8 of ’em! That gave me 80 points toward the 100 needed to win a game. Which I did the very next hand. Now that’s a lot of luck with a little skill mixed... Read more »

Another coincidence to write about: Sorry for being so late, Jimmy

Not long ago, our ringmaster invited us bloggers to write about a coincidence. I didn’t respond at the time. I had written before about coincidences.  They seem to pop up so  often in my life that I believe they must be more than coincidences.  Providential,  if that is an accurate  word for it. I should... Read more »

Paranoia:The New Normal

  They tell us there’s reason for us to have fear, That  evil is lurking alarmingly near. No matter the area You live in, hysteria In one form or other is bound to appear.  

Staying Jung Might Be Just a Coincidence

I’ve written about my encounters with coincidences.  They seem to be regular occurrences in my otherwise predictable existence.  The great psychoanalyst Carl Jung thought they were examples of what he called archetypes, vestiges in our subconscious of our primitive ancestors. Last week, for example,  the brakes on my Mitsubishi Lancer had started to grind,  so... Read more »