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Don Quixote Trump envisions a Space Force

    Trump wants his own Space Force, so it’s a good bet A Space Force our nation is going to get. But I think it’s barmy To have such an army Another sign Trump is a cracked Space Cadet.    

On pinatas, or how to relieve your political frustrations in Trump world

Trump piñatas a hit across cultures  [headline in Sunday’s Tribune A+E section]   It seems Trump pinatas are now a big thing; From south of the border to maybe Beijing. Until we impeach him, It’s one way to teach him, And if I could do it, I’d take a good swing.

Hip-Hop in the West Wing

  “This week, Donald Trump and Kanye West became best friends, brought together by their shared “dragon energy” and over the explicit objections of John Legend.”  []   I laughed when I heard this knee-slapper: Donald Trump is best friends with a rapper. Perhaps Kanye West Might  explain it all best: I chill out when... Read more »

Impeach Trump? Be careful what you wish for.

  “We would be begging for days of Trump back if Pence became president. He’s extreme. I’m Christian. I love Jesus. But he thinks Jesus tells him to say things.”   Omarosa Manigault, quoted in today’s  Chicago Tribune   If some day we can end the Trump curse, Omarosa says Pence would be worse. With his... Read more »

His base blindly follows Pied Piper Trump

  96% of Trump voters polled Say they’d vote for him once more. Despite the bill of goods he’s sold And a golden spritz from a Russian whore.

Does Steve Mnuchin remind you of this lawman?

  At Mnuchin the Dems took potshots With  Republicans friendly  robots. Does  his jittery  face Have much more than a trace Of the deputy played by Don Knotts?

A King's reach into Trumpworld

  “Boxing legend Don King stood beside President-elect Donald Trump Wednesday to discuss the relationship between Israel and the United States. ‘You all know Don King? Who doesn’t know Don King,’ the President-elect asked reporters at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.”  []   President Trump will meet leaders of state Some of them... Read more »

Trump: the triumph of fake news

  There are Rush, Alex Jones, Breitbart, Fox Who have fed pseudo-news to their flocks. And these misguided sheep In the dark took a leap And elected a head full of rocks.

Thoughts on the popularity of the Living Dead

  The zombies are spreading  from LA to Boston They even are haunting the world of Jane Austen. Despite so unpleasant They are omnipresent And more stories than not they are tossed in.      

How the two presidential campaigns essentially differ

  Some say the race for president Is filled with asymmetrics. While Hillary talks policy, The Donald does his pet tricks.