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McConnell goes Orwellian on Senator Warren

  “Senator Elizabeth Warren’s speech on the Senate floor was interrupted by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday night, and Senate Republicans voted to ban her from speaking during the remainder of the debate over the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions for attorney general. Her infraction: quoting from a 30-year-old letter written by the late... Read more »

Nostalgia for when America was great...under Obama

  I’m sick of the lies, the political sideshows. The policies that not a person inside knows. The tweeting, the missteps, the Trump melodrama. I long for the halcyon days of Obama.  

Who are the whistleblowers undressing Emperor Trump

  There are leaks in the White House and Trump is upset. Who’s doing the leaking Trump is out to get. The drama’s intense; Is it Mattis or Pence? But no matter who;  pray for him;  we’re in his debt.    

Comey embraces Trump. Again.

  Under Clinton’s campaign Comey pulled out the rug; When challenged about it he only would shrug. To compound his sin Of helping Trump win He greets his new Boss with a handshake and hug.  

Does Steve Mnuchin remind you of this lawman?

  At Mnuchin the Dems took potshots With  Republicans friendly  robots. Does  his jittery  face Have much more than a trace Of the deputy played by Don Knotts?

Expecting a great Inaugural Address from Trump is laughable

  “Incoming White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway says Americans can expect a ‘powerful’ but concise inaugural speech from President-elect Trump after he is sworn into office at the U.S. Capitol on Friday. ‘He is a man who states his case very clearly, and very concisely and very convincingly,’she said. ‘And I predict that will be... Read more »

The water Trump carries for Putin is golden

    “A 35-page dossier that details President-elect Donald Trump’s ties with Russia was published for the first time in full by BuzzFeed on Tuesday evening and revealed a particularly surprising allegation involving Trump hiring prostitutes to pee on a hotel bed.”  []   What the dossier says about Trump is salacious. He denies it,... Read more »

Trumpolini: A Rule by Fiat?

  Trump reminds many of this dictator, A notorious human rights hater. Mussolini, by name. They may not be the same. But Trump seems like a good  simulator.      

The blank health slate of the 115th Congress

  The Affordable Care Act Republicans will Repeal and replace when Trump signs his first bill. After all of their pains, One question remains: Just what is their own plan on Capitol Hill?  

Michael Lewis uncovers student bewilderment over Trump's political success

    “There they were, eight extremely bright, well-informed young people trying as hard as they could to imagine some event or action that would prompt the American people to compel their elected representatives to acknowledge that Donald Trump was unfit for office—and they were stumped.” [“Donald Trump and the Rules of the New American... Read more »