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Thibodeau Cashiered: a threnody

Farewell, so long, Tom Thibodeau. No more the X ,  no more the  O. You’ve extra time to spend  the checks The Bulls now owe you as an ex-.

All Wednesdays are wonderful but one

Wednesdays are  wonderful. Except when thunderful.

Greeting Spring with a chorus of crocuses

  Author’s note: This morning in my garden I came upon a bunch of crocuses (pictured above). Their beauty took me by surprise.  Breathtaking. Angelic. They seemed to be breaking out in song. And I thought about a boy choir from London that I had seen on Channel 11, Libera.  The 32 boys in the... Read more »

Storefront Verse, Or a Game of Names

  Yesterday I was driving north on Pulaski Road on my way to play pinochle at my aunt’s.    When I caught a glimpse of a store sign I’ve noticed many times before in passing.  ” Paco’s Tacos”. It got me thinking. Now there’s a good rhyme or reason for a post. How many others could... Read more »

Another Rhyme for Polar Vortex

(Perceptive commenter ‘jnorto’ wondered after reading  my last post—“A Juggernaut Approaches from the North, or It Can’t Be Winter Yet”— whether there was another rhyme for ‘polar vortex’)   Weather words once esoteric, E.g. the polar vortex, Are said as casually by us As by the wonks, geeks, or techs.

A Blogger's Lament: A Triolet

Note: The following came about after reading “The road to ending insomnia—and writer’s block, too”  by Margaret Serious.   I have a case of writer’s block And there is nothing I can do. The minutes tick off on the  clock. I have a case of writer’s block. This psychological gridlock Will not let any thought... Read more »

Clerical Cuss Words: A Limerick

    (Inspired by ChicagoNow Blogger Margaret Serious. Specifically by her post “Some Curious Things about the Word ‘Curious'”)   There once was a curious curate Who suffered from what is called Tourette. It made his flock nervous When at Sunday service He’d curse Father, Son, and the Spirit.  

What Ogden Nash Might Have Said About Bruce Rauner

  For those who struggle  day to day, man Or woman mark this>  PolySci 101  for every layman: Never trust a politician making multimillions who finds a tax haven  on the Isalnds of the Cayman.

Remembering Maya Angelou During National Hot Dog Month

“I love a Hebrew National hot dog with an ice-cold Corona. No lime. If the phone rings, I can’t answer until I’m done.” [Maya Angelou]   Some relish the legs of a frog With a chardonnay as a prologue. But Miss Angelou Liked a Mexican brew, Hold the lime, with a kosher hot dog.

Today Marks the Anniversary of One of World War I's Bloodiest Battles

It was 98 years ago today that one of the fiercest, bloodiest battles of World War I was fought: The First Battle of the Somme. It was trench warfare. And France was the battleground.  The trenches stretched across France from northwest to the Swiss border. The First Battle of the Somme would drag on for... Read more »