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Jack Benny: 39 Forever!

  This is the birthday of  Jack Benny Who reputedly  saved his very first penny. Though his violin playing was rather discordant, In the annals of humor  he’s  soundly important. “Last night Jack Benny played Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn lost.” [Isaac Stern]

Babe Ruth: The Sultan of Swat

Today’s the birthday of Babe Ruth. Once the idol of American youth. Our love of baseball grew to a  passion When he propelled  the home run into fashion.   “The fascination with his life and career continues. He is a bombastic, sloppy hero from our bombastic, sloppy history, origins undetermined, a folk tale of American... Read more »

Clark Gable: Jilt a Scarlett Woman? The Butler Did It!

Today’s the birthday of Clark Gable. To be him I wish I were able. To mutter in front of a movie cam: “Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.” The  quotation above  was voted the number one movie line of all time by the American Film Institute in 2005.

Cary Grant: The Cinema's Greatest Leading Man of All Time (And the Handsomest)

Born today was Cary Grant. Suave, debonair and elegant. It’s  easy to  see and it’s  not a long reach His changing his real name:  Archibald Leach. And so he said: “Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.” “My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the... Read more »

Charles Perrault: His Tales Plumb the Depths of Our Collective Memories

Today is the birthday of Charles Perrault. Children of all ages his stories do  know: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and, of course,  Mother Goose. In the court of King Louie he was Dr. Seuss.  

Tom Mix: The Duke Was a Protege of This Trailblazing Silent Western Star

  Today’s birthday?  Film cowboy Tom Mix. In the silents a magnet for manifold chicks. At the box office, his movies sold out the  tix. In a reel sense John Wayne was just a reMix.* *One might say Wayne got his props from Mix. When the Duke left USC because of a football injury, Mix... Read more »

Connie Mack: The Only Octogenarian To Manage a Major League Baseball Team

Born today was Connie Mack; Memories of few will extend so far back To when he was catching in baseball’s young  days, Or recall the half-century he managed the A’s.* He also owned the team. Sometime now banned in Major League Baseball.  By the way,  that suit he’s  wearing in the dugout?  Now verboten too. “You can’t win them all.” [Connie Mack] I... Read more »

Lillian Russell: "An American Beauty" of the Gilded Age

Born today was Lillian Russell. Hers was the era of the booty-ful bustle. Actress, singer, society lady, Whose sugar daddy was Diamond Jim Brady. “Returning to the United States in 1884, Russell was in the news frequently because of her personal life—her marriage to Solomon in 1884 was annulled nine years later after his arrest for bigamy,... Read more »

Al Capp: Comic Genius with a Dark Side

Today’s birthday? Al Capp’s. You may have heard of him perhaps. He drew Li’l Abner who lived at his Pap’s With Daisy Mae Scragg, his marital match, And Sadie Hawkins who was looking for a catch, And the dark -clouded Btfsplk in Li’l Dogpatch. “Although the dark side wasn’t their primary focus—Schumacher and Kitchen were adamant about... Read more »

Johnny Sain: His Pitching Was Poetry

Born today was Johnny Sain Who hurled  a bit before my time. But “Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain” Preserves his memory in rhyme. “It’s not so much my pitching people know, but that little poem about me and Johnny Sain with the forty-eight Braves.” – Warren Spahn