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Where are the pianos of yesteryear?

    “They[sales of pianos]have been decreasing for decades. In 1900, when Americans numbered about 76 million, some 171,000 pianos were sold so you would find one in every 178 homes (figuring 2.5 people in a household). Sales mushroomed by 1909, and one of every 99 households boasted a piano. That was the height of... Read more »

Nostalgia for when America was great...under Obama

  I’m sick of the lies, the political sideshows. The policies that not a person inside knows. The tweeting, the missteps, the Trump melodrama. I long for the halcyon days of Obama.  

An evening with Max Raabe and his Palast Orchester

We stood on the platform of the train station. The four of us, waiting for the Metra train to take us Downtown. The station doors were locked. So we huddled outside in the chill under its roof.  We had just come from the Bohemian restaurant on Burlington Road in Riverside.  Express trains whizzed by while... Read more »

Downton Abbey and a Milestone in the Movies

A century ago yesterday the first full-length color movie opened in England. “The World, the Flesh and the Devil”.  The title comes from the Book of Common Prayer. According to my Downton Abbey deck calendar, it was a “silent British drama, directed by F. Martin Thornton…about a rotten lawyer trying to find a way to... Read more »

Cy Young: The Hallmark of Hurlers

Today’s the birthday of Cy Young, For his pitching  a host of  hosannas are sung. He threw 3 no-hitters and is so adored That HIS  name is on the best-pitcher award. “One of the fellows called me Cyclone, but finally shortened it to ‘Cy’ and its been that ever since.” The last White Sox pitcher... Read more »

Marlin Perkins: A Man Noah Would Have Loved

Born today was Marlin Perkins Whose TV show combed wild lurkin’s. At the zoo, once, near the lake, He was  bitten  by a poisonous snake.   It happened at Lincoln Park Zoo in the early 1950s.  Years later he described what happened in an interview. “Another reptile mishap was less chilling but perhaps more embarrassing,... Read more »

Nat King Cole: No One Sang a Love Song Like Him

Born today was Nat King Cole Whose vocals evoked a  romantic glow. Who else  has  phrased a melody As crisp and   clearly  as did  he? On a personal note, during my college days, when I commuted to De Paul’s northside campus, I’d come home, put on the above album, crash on the sofa   and... Read more »

Lawrence Welk: And A One and A Two and A Happy Birthday!

  Born today was Lawrence Welk In North Dakota land of  elk. On the road to success he did cut his Knot Gordian By leading a band and by playing accordion.

Enrico Caruso: Great Italian Tenor With the "Orchid-lined Voice"

Born today Enrico Caruso Great tenors like him there have been just few so. La Donna e Mobile was one of his staples. Once being booed he stopped singing in Naples. “It was in 1901, the year of his greatest success at La Scala, when Caruso suffered his cruelest blow.  The audience he most wanted... Read more »

Abe Vigoda: A Fish Called Longevity

Today’s birthday is Abe Vigoda’s, Whose long life  rivals Pepsi soda’s. Now, though wrong, it’s often said, “Abe Vigoda? I thought he was dead. [As Phil Fish on “Barney Miller”] Abe turns 93 today. He just keeps swimming along! Happy birthday, honest, Abe!