Category: national disasters

Hurricane Irma might not be our friend

  After seeing the carnage of Harvey last week, We are threatened by something called Irma. Will it slip off to sea and no damages wreak, Or unleash itself on terra firma?

Trump capped his visit to hurricane-hit Texas without shedding a tear

“‘Thank you, everybody,’ the president said, sporting one of the white ‘USA’ caps that are being sold on his campaign website for $40. ‘I just want to say: We love you. You are special. . . . What a crowd. What a turnout.'”  []     After one of the greatest of natural mishaps, In Texas Trump... Read more »

2016 could have been better, but wasn't the worst by far

  No doubt there were worse years than last. When Jews were rounded up and gassed. When Japanese died in a blast When Huns and Goths left towns aghast When victims of the plague were vast When nations wept with flags half-mast. When Death across each household passed. The world has seen worse years than... Read more »

When Christie's campaigning, New Jersey's not on the mop.

“Chris Christie took exception to a student who asked the New Jersey governor — who is campaigning for president — why he wasn’t back in the state helping clean up from flooding associated with the weekend’s historic winter storm. “Do you want me to go down there with a mop?” Christie asked in Hooksett, NH,... Read more »