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Memo to Mueller

  There is a big problem with  your fine report. Most people won’t read it because it ain’t short! But if they could see You tell it on TV They’ll know what is in it and what’s its import.    

Trump's AG pick was quite a "Barr"gain

Barr authored memo last year ruling out obstruction of justice   [CNN headline]     The Mueller Report has left jaws all ajar. With many more questions than answers by far. The facts by induction Seem proof of obstruction, So it’s clear why Trump did put his faith in Bill Barr.

Mueller's Report to come out in February: A Triolet

Mueller may submit report to attorney general as soon as mid-February, say sources NBC News headline   When Mueller issues his report, The Spring will not be far behind. That day is near, the time is short When Mueller issues his report. What happens then may end in court Or later when they’ve all resigned.... Read more »

Will Trump's iconoclasm change the unwritten rules of the presidency?

  To the norms of his job Trump refuses adherence; Like revoking John Brennan’s security clearance. Let us hope that tradition Survives its attrition And the norms will return upon Trump’s disappearance.

Are Trump's tweets incriminating?

Mueller Examining Trump’s Tweets in Wide-Ranging Obstruction Inquiry New York Times Headline   Bob Mueller is looking at every Trump tweet; Perhaps he will find something that’s indiscreet. Trump’s tweets are  off-guard So it might not be hard For Mueller to carve out of  tweets a rap sheet.    

Whatever Trump says, it's clear he's terrified of Robert Mueller

        Trump says he will come before Mueller if called. He claims he’ll go freely; no need to be hauled. But his legals demur Since bad stuff could  occur When this combed-over liar is shown to be bald.

On crossing the line

  When is Rod Rosenstein going to resign? It’s said it will be when Trump crosses the line. But the line keeps on moving Which seems to be proving That Trump will not cross it in your life or mine.