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Michael Lewis uncovers student bewilderment over Trump's political success

    “There they were, eight extremely bright, well-informed young people trying as hard as they could to imagine some event or action that would prompt the American people to compel their elected representatives to acknowledge that Donald Trump was unfit for office—and they were stumped.” [“Donald Trump and the Rules of the New American... Read more »

Reflections on telling the truth

  To tell the truth in every case May seem quite edifying. But I don’t care how straight your face It’s pretty clear you’re lying.

In the A & E section of the Trib, does celebrity trump decency?

  In my eyes the Tribune’s slipped a notch; On its reputation there’s a blotch. I’m not perfectly chaste But it’s not in good taste To be showing Lamar touch his crotch.

Donald Trump: A knight in shining armor? Humbug!

  “You have to treat ’em like shit.”  [Donald Trump talking about women in 1992.]   Trump on the hustings without the least hintin’ Decried the immoral behavior of Clinton. “I’ll treat women better,” said he with a smile. Which proves beyond doubt that he is in denial.   [Answers to “Testing your Xmas... Read more »

Kentucky and Calipari: They're What's Wrong with College Basketball

In the latest  Division I college basketball polls Kentucky ranks at the very top.  What else is new?  And—how do you do?— Duke is third.   That’s about as deja as vu can get. Now don’t ask me where De Paul is.   Let’s just say if masochists could vote, my alma mater would have no... Read more »