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The Midterm vote, inescapably, is a referendum on Trump

  On the Midterm results, I have hope for the best. Our fate and our future upon them do rest. I’m sick of the hate That I see Trump create And the norms of democracy he has transgressed.

Trump has fueled an humanitarian crisis on the Mexican border

      He routinely will lie when he’s moving his lips And Obama and Hillary constantly rips. Now the thug has the gall In pursuit of his wall To use innocent children as bargaining chips.

Ruminations on how expediency has trumped integrity in the Republican Party

  They allowed Trump to hide years of income tax forms And break with tradition and all of its norms. So now at this hour He’s abusing his power And we’re left in the wake of his constant sh…tstorms.

Donald Trump: A life-threatening toxin in our body politic

    What did we do to deserve to be cursed With a president who is the worst of the worst? He was duly elected But now us has infected With a pernicious boil that Bob Mueller must burst.    

The Saga of Rob Porter Made Simple

  Staff Secretary Porter abused his ex-wives And was privy to secrets affecting our lives. The FBI knew, And McGahn, Kelly, too; Yet into Trump’s skull, the truth never arrives.  

Can Trump's base handle this whopper: It wasn't him on the Access Hollywood tape?

    “Donald Trump has resolutely refused to withdraw his support from Senate candidate Roy Moore, even in the wake of the sexual harassment and assault accusations leveled against Moore—and the unflattering comparisons many have drawn between descriptions of Moore’s behavior and the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which Trump himself bragged that, because he... Read more »

Trump capped his visit to hurricane-hit Texas without shedding a tear

“‘Thank you, everybody,’ the president said, sporting one of the white ‘USA’ caps that are being sold on his campaign website for $40. ‘I just want to say: We love you. You are special. . . . What a crowd. What a turnout.'”  []     After one of the greatest of natural mishaps, In Texas Trump... Read more »

Senator McConnell channels Mr. Potter

    “You, you said that they — What’d you say just a minute ago? They had to wait and save their money before they even thought of a decent home. Wait? Wait for what?! Until their children grow up and leave them? Until they’re so old and broken-down that — You know how long... Read more »

Trump's personal attacks are a mirror of his own personality

  “Trump is a man with almost zero ability to empathize or imagine other people’s motives or drives. His ego and narcissism are so oversized they warp all his opinions into reflections of himself. Since he has no understanding of anyone but himself, when he tries to attribute motive, needs, or desires in others, they... Read more »

The Mayor of London demonstrates the leadership qualities Trump sorely lacks

  “Sadiq Khan[Mayor of London] has showed calm and dignified resolve in the face of these cowardly terrorist attacks. He is more of a statesman than Trump will ever be.”   [Tim Farron, leader of Britain’s Liberal Party quoted on]   Trump called him “pathetic”, the Mayor of London, Who’s acted with grace under pressure.... Read more »