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The first presidential debate exposes the real Trump. Again.

  Trump gained  from the great housing  bubble. Redlining  his buildings,  he got into trouble. And  he calls it an art When he deals without heart. But it’s clear that his dealing is double.

In the A & E section of the Trib, does celebrity trump decency?

  In my eyes the Tribune’s slipped a notch; On its reputation there’s a blotch. I’m not perfectly chaste But it’s not in good taste To be showing Lamar touch his crotch.

Playboy decides to leave something to the imagination

  “Playboy has decided to stop publishing images of nude women, ending the magazine’s 62-year practice that made it a cultural icon.”  []   So many years Playboy’s been viewed For women pictured in the nude. Movie starlets, campus cuties Frequently exposed their booties. Callow  youngsters came of age While ogling its stapled page. But... Read more »

The Cubs and the SI curse

  The Cubs can be seen celebrated On the cover of Sports Illustrated. It’s an honor, I guess, But I fear, ne’ertheless, It may mean they will wind up  ill-fated.