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Trump's way of braking the news

  Trump’s attacks on the press are extremely unnerving. And never before are they so undeserving. Our freedom’s at stake When he calls the news fake, An opprobrious libel that’s really self-serving.  

Is CBS canning Scott Pelley for political reasons?

  “’Soft-spoken yet direct, anchor Scott Pelley is emerging as a blunt evaluator of President Donald Trump on his CBS Evening News’ broadcast,’ Associated Press television reporter David Bauder wrote in March. After Trump’s claim of underreported terrorist attacks last month, Pelley said on his newscast that ‘it has been a busy day for presidential... Read more »

At the D.C. Correspondents' dinner Trump doesn't relish getting the bird

  To the  press corps in Washington’s feast Trump regrets he’s unable to go; There is nothing that he enjoys least Than a generous serving of crow.

The media could learn from the brave example of Meryl Streep

“Meryl Streep was honored at the Golden Globes for a lifetime of notable work, and she took the opportunity to make a sustained attack on US President-elect Donald Trump. In a nearly 6-minute address while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award, the actress denounced Trump’s campaign rhetoric and criticized him for mocking a disabled reporter.” ... Read more »

Trumpolini: A Rule by Fiat?

  Trump reminds many of this dictator, A notorious human rights hater. Mussolini, by name. They may not be the same. But Trump seems like a good  simulator.      

Trump's gag rule stifles democracy

  I’m beginning to think Mr. Trump is afraid Of freedom of press and of those in the trade. He won’t have news sessions To answer their questions For fear that he’ll step on the land mines he’s laid.     SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!

Trump would have been Mrs. Malaprop's favorite president

  Trump’s not a grammarian proper and prim; In the sense of semantics he misses the rim. Perhaps he was tired When this tweet was fired. Nonetheless I would like to unpresident him.  

Trump chooses to dine in order to get Slim

    “Carlos Slim got a “very positive” impression from U.S. President-elect Donald Trump about ties with Mexico after the two met for dinner on Saturday in Florida, a spokesman for the Mexican telecoms billionaire said on Monday.”  []   Trump decides to break bread with a Mexican billionaire. I wonder if a taco bowl... Read more »

Thoughts on the popularity of the Living Dead

  The zombies are spreading  from LA to Boston They even are haunting the world of Jane Austen. Despite so unpleasant They are omnipresent And more stories than not they are tossed in.      

How Trump turned on the media

  Trump has been calling  the media corrupt Whenever reporting  on women he’s cupped. They are  in the pocket of  Clinton  he’s crying, If  they should check  facts  and discover  he’s lying. Recall how free coverage of him came in handy When his  access to networks was so fine and dandy. But now that he’s ... Read more »