Category: Mathematics

Pi Day: A Lament

  The strangest of numbers is pi. Don’t ask me. I couldn’t say why. My life simply hath Never needed much math So to learn it  I didn’t much try.

Are you a "Number Freak"?

In one of my  many sojourns to the Barnes & Noble store in Orland Park, I bought a book entitled “Number Freak: From 1 to 200, The Hidden Language of Numbers Revealed”. If you. like me, never majored in math but have nurtured a life-long fascination with numbers, this book will add to that fascination.... Read more »

Stephen Hawking: A Mind Beyond the Horizon

  Born today was Stephen Hawking, His seminal science stimulates talking: About a Black Hole’s radiation, About the Big Bang at Creation. “Although I cannot move and I have to speak through a computer, in my mind I am free.” [Stephen Hawking] “Black holes have many exotic properties. Ordinary space-time and our laws of physics... Read more »

Isaac Asimov: I, Renaissance Man

Born today was Isaac Asimov. To his memory I bid a fond mazel tov. Prolific author of fiction and non- Somewhere, I wonder, if he’s writing on. I won’t pretend to be objective about Isaac Asimov. I may have read more of his books than any other author’s.  He wrote more than 500 of them. ... Read more »

Isaac Newton: Santa Must Obey His Laws of Motion

Born today was Sir  Isaac Newton Perhaps the greatest mind in science. Yet  not  conceited or  highfalutin, He said he stood on the shoulders of giants.  

August Ferdinand Mobius: Mathematician with His Own Band

On this day born was Mobius. Topologist: That’s no b.s. Herein does  lie the inside poop: He designed the eponymous one-side  loop.

John Venn: A Circular Mind

Today was born John Venn, One of those mathematically brilliant men. Sorting apples from oranges, jellies from jams Is more easily done with his diagrams.* *    

Alan Turing: Computer Genius and Victim of Homophobia

  Born today was Alan Turing Whose intellectual fame’s enduring. Devised a test for all agreeing On when a computer’s a human being.* *”When Descartes declared centuries ago that matter cannot think, he challenged his materialist opponents to construct a machine that could engage in conversation with a human being. if that could be done,... Read more »

Blaise Pascal: French Genuis Who Tried to Balance Reason and Faith

  Today is the birthday of Blaise Pascal In math and philosophy few could be sager. Of  games  he was probably  smart as an owl. And even on God he was willing to wager.*   *:Let us weigh the gain and the loss in wagering that God is. Let us estimate these two chances. If  you... Read more »

Carl Friedrich Gauss: Prince of Mathematicians (But Not of Husbands)

Born today Math genius Gauss Who told, it’s said, his dying spouse, “I’m working on a problem, hon, Please wait a moment till I’m done.”