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On corporal punishment

  “’Spanking makes children’s behavior worse,’ lead author Elizabeth T. Gershoff told me when the study came out. ‘It has the opposite effect than what parents want: It doesn’t make children better-behaved, and it doesn’t teach children right from wrong. It’s not related to immediate compliance, and it doesn’t make children behave better in the... Read more »

Yoga: Poses for my Valentine [Bless you, Beth Prystowsky]

  The folllowing verse is the result of reading “Partner yoga is a healthy and bonding Valentine activity” by ChicagoNow blogger Beth Prystowsky (Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom).   Sometimes I’ve an urge to yoga on a mat; But then I forget to, which is where I’m at. Says Beth P.—never met her—... Read more »

What's wrong with the Christian Right (and Kim Davis)

  Some Christians think God’s on their side, An example of spiritual pride. But much better it is On the side that is His, Which the righteous will use as a guide.

The worst result of the Scotus decision is mass sentences to hell?...Really!

    I  don’t know if I should tell but I might be going to hell. I have it on the best of authorities.  A ChicagoNow blogger. “Being Catholic….Really.” She blames it principally on the Supreme Court of the United States.  Scotus for short. Four of the Justices will be spared eternal damnation: Roberts, Scalia,... Read more »

Morpheus versus Eros

  “Sleep loss is so widespread among Americans, six out of 10 of us now say that we crave sleep more than we crave sex.” [Newsmax]   Relationships can be complex And  could end in your  paying an ex. So it’s not often bright, When you’re tired at night, That you  give into sleep over... Read more »

The Paradox of Love

  I’d give my heart, my Valentine, No strings attached and whole If I could give what once was mine What long ago you stole.   [Old Love Song, by Paul Klee]

Advice to Anyone Contemplating Marriage

  Headline in the Life + Style section of the Sunday Tribune: “Lavish wedding may increase risk of divorce: study” A study shows the more you spend On your wedding speeds its end. Fewer guests and more expense Aren’t good ideas;  hence If you plan on getting hitched Be frugal and  you won’t be ditched.

What Song Punctuated Your Romance?

  “If music be the food of love, play on,”  wrote Shakespeare in “Twelfth Night”.     The  Bard probably knew from experience how passion is nourished by sweet sounds. Most lovers have a signature song that whenever it’s  heard later in life will rekindle memories of the beginnings of their romance. Our song is “Misty”.  The... Read more »

Sex: Getting a Heart On

  Medical Note: “Less than 1 percent of all heart attacks occur during sexual activity. The risk is as low for men who have suffered a heart attack as it is for those without heart disease.” [from the advice column of Dr. Anthony Komaroff] Having sharp pains in your chest? Refrain from sex in your... Read more »

King Ferdinand of Spain: For Columbus An Angel. For Jews the Devil Incarnate.

  Born today was King Ferdinand Who financed Columbus in search of new land. He was from Aragon, his wife from Castile. Their regal seed money got  such a good deal. In the annals of Jewry, Ferdinand was a poster boy for villainy. Under him the Spanish Inquisition executed many Jews as heretics. “In the... Read more »