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Understanding Trump's tweets with a little help from Hamlet

  “I am but mad north-north-west.”  [Hamlet, Act II Scene 2]   What we all should require is that Trump gets more rest. For a man of his age at least ten hours is best. If he got up at eight And the tweets had to wait, His thinking might not be so north by... Read more »

Did Gorsuch equivocate about Trump's judiciary attacks?

  “‘He’s very proud of the selection he’s made,’ Spicer said, who noted Gorsuch was not commenting on ‘any specific matter.’ ‘So to take what he (Gorsuch) said about a generalization and apply it to a specific is exactly what he was intending not to do,’ Spicer said.”   []     Against federal judges Trump... Read more »

Joe Maddon is not high on banning chewing tobacco

  “Just eradicate tobacco, period, if you’re going to go that route. I’m not into over-legislating the human race. I’ll just have to listen and learn. If somebody else is going to make up his mind for me, I’m going to have a hard time with that. So that’s where I draw the line, but... Read more »