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Donald Trump says he hardly reads as Lincoln turns over in his grave.

“Favorite book? ‘All Quiet on the Western Front,’replied Trump. Last book read? Uh, none. ‘It’s been so long,’ he said. “‘ read passages, I read … areas, I read chapters … I just, I don’t have the time. I mean, when was the last time I watched a baseball game?'”  [In the recent interview with... Read more »

What if I wrote my own obitiuary? Thanks, Ed Nickow, for the suggestion

  All good and noble things I’d say When writing my obituary And  I would  end it in this way. “Of course, remember ‘Here lies Jerry'”

Presidential words to live by

During my years in the classroom, I had my students keep journals of daily quotations.  Here is a collection of inspiring (or at least intriguing) words from the Oval Office. 1. “We are citizens of the world; and the tragedy of our times is that we do not know this.” [Woodrow Wilson] 2. “Gambling is... Read more »

The Raison d'etre for my Blogging

  Why do I write? It’s a fair kind of question. So  that food for thought might Get the proper digestion.    

The ! And Nothing But the !

  If something’s strange or out of joint Append the ! Or say  you’re frightened in the dark, How apt the ! For passion, panic , provocation, !’s  the punctuation. One at a time is how to use it. Redundancy might  just abuse it.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dazzles in "A Most Wanted Man"

  My wife, her mom, and I made a rare visit to a movie theater yesterday.  The stars, I guess, must have been  in perfect alignment . I  did the usual groundwork, investigating  the offerings at the local big-screen emporiums. My first choice, Woody Allen’s “Magic in the Moonlight”,  wasn’t available  at the usual places. ... Read more »

It's Always Good to Have the Last Word. See If You Do by Taking This Test on Hamlet.

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is considered by many the greatest play ever written.  Many of its lines have become embedded in the collective memory of readers around the world.  It is no exaggeration to say that recognizing them is an indication of one’s cultural literacy.  How well can you complete each of the following quotations culled... Read more »

Test Your Literary I.Q.: Can You Link the Novel With Its Second Sentence?

  Quiz masters like to give an opening sentence and  have you identify the novel.  But the second sentence may be equally suggestive of its provenance. Can you match the following second sentence to its novel? If you get all ten, you are second to none. Answers are in Roman numerals and  follow a pregnant... Read more »

Want To Learn Japanese? Try This.

  When I was teaching at the junior high level, I had my students keep a quote notebook. Every day, their first order of business was to enter the day’s quotation written on the chalkboard. They followed a very simple template. Date, quote, author. As an example, let me give one of my favorites that... Read more »

Is It Shakespeare (King Lear) or the Bible (Book of Psalms)? Test Your Wits.

It’s the day after Shakespeare’s 450th  birthday, or is it?  Fact is his day of birth is pure  conjecture. Based on baptismal records, as I seem to recall.  So consider taking  the following quiz  a way to commemorate the Bard’s Aprilish birthday. I must admit that the following quiz is a knock-off.   Kudos to ChicagoNow ... Read more »