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How the two presidential campaigns essentially differ

  Some say the race for president Is filled with asymmetrics. While Hillary talks policy, The Donald does his pet tricks.

There's more to being president than having the look of one

“And now that the meeting is over, and both Trump and Nieto have made their formal statements, it’s clear Trump has been given a crucial presidential-looking shot in the arm from perhaps the one foreign leader we least expected to give it to him. But that’s not where the positives for Trump end, not by... Read more »

Tone deaf Jeb applauds Rick Snyder for taking the lead on the lead in Flint water

  “GOP presidential hopeful and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush defended Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) against criticism over his handling of the Flint water crisis on Sunday, arguing instead that the blame should go to the fact that regulations are too complex.” []   Whom to blame for Flint’s water? Rick Snyder. That’s the view... Read more »

To defeat Isis, let's channel President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  In Depression’s grip  FDR had it right That our ultimate peril was fright. We are more insecure Motivated by fear And less likely we will  win the fight.