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Will Trump's iconoclasm change the unwritten rules of the presidency?

  To the norms of his job Trump refuses adherence; Like revoking John Brennan’s security clearance. Let us hope that tradition Survives its attrition And the norms will return upon Trump’s disappearance.

An ignorant Trump vents on forest fires

                                                                                                                                                                                              getty images   “Trump doubles down on his previous ignorant tweet about California #water and fires. The only water that reaches the ocean these days is what’s left AFTER the massive diversions OUT of our rivers for cities and farms. And there’s no shortage of fire-fighting water. Nuts.”  [Tweet from Peter Gleick]   On... Read more »

On the chaos in the Oval Office

                                                                                                                                                                   Trump’s White House is very  chaotic, Which happens in places exotic; Where they wear a bandana And grow the banana And have leaders tin-pot and despotic.  

Ryan, McConnell, the Memo, and the Trumpian Fifth column

  The FBI’s under attack. We must all gird our loins and fight back. The Republicans help To save Mr. Trump’s scalp; Is there any who isn’t a hack?

Republican finger pointing is par for the course

  Although both parties level the blame At the other for causing this shutdown. It’s the GOP’s fault and the shame For the ape who likes putting a putt down.

The Mayor of London demonstrates the leadership qualities Trump sorely lacks

  “Sadiq Khan[Mayor of London] has showed calm and dignified resolve in the face of these cowardly terrorist attacks. He is more of a statesman than Trump will ever be.”   [Tim Farron, leader of Britain’s Liberal Party quoted on]   Trump called him “pathetic”, the Mayor of London, Who’s acted with grace under pressure.... Read more »

Nostalgia for when America was great...under Obama

  I’m sick of the lies, the political sideshows. The policies that not a person inside knows. The tweeting, the missteps, the Trump melodrama. I long for the halcyon days of Obama.  

Trump's gag rule stifles democracy

  I’m beginning to think Mr. Trump is afraid Of freedom of press and of those in the trade. He won’t have news sessions To answer their questions For fear that he’ll step on the land mines he’s laid.     SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!

Trump's rhetoric puts mankind itself in jeopardy

  “It remains unclear how Trump will behave after his inauguration, but his tweets and actions during the transition leave plenty of room for misunderstandings both domestically and diplomatically.” []   At the times now when peace and good will are unfurled, We know wisdom must guide every word  stitched and purled. Let it be... Read more »

The weight of the presidency will now be on Trump

  Now Trump will be put to the test. Though I’m not sure how well he has known it. His decisions will be second-guessed And each policy failure he’ll own it.