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A tagline for the Trump administration

For Clinton I voted for which I am proud. And I firmly believe she did win too. In no time at all  we’ll be crying out loud, “Here’s another fine mess he’s got into!”  

James Comey bottoms out

  What’s up with the  head of our fine FBI? His decision has GOP writ on. He has the wrong job and in brief this is why: He should be the part we all sit on.

Overcoming the tragedy in Dallas

  “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters. If not, we will perish.”  [Congressman John Lewis]   In Dallas five innocent officers died Protecting the right of assembly outside. Let us not solely call out Whose fault in the fallout. But heal the wounds joining hands unified.

Trump questions integrity of federal judge on the grounds of ethnicity

  People are wise to show judges respect. Whether appointed or those we elect. But a  judge in Trump’s lexicon Is unfair since he’s Mexican. Totally dumb! If I may interject.

Joe Maddon is not high on banning chewing tobacco

  “Just eradicate tobacco, period, if you’re going to go that route. I’m not into over-legislating the human race. I’ll just have to listen and learn. If somebody else is going to make up his mind for me, I’m going to have a hard time with that. So that’s where I draw the line, but... Read more »

The fallacy of the gun lobby

  Although I admit that  I’ve never owned one, They want to convince me to go buy a gun. Says the NRA, armed, I won’t likely be harmed. But  common sense tells me I better own none.  

Why lawyers have bad street cred

  [The following verse owes its conception to “Hate Lawyers??? Don’t worry it’s getting harder to be one” which appeared today in Michael Helfand’s “Chicago’s Real Law Blog”]   It’s in Shakespeare: “Kill all lawyers” Like those infesting Courthouse foyers. Our hate for them may be prodigious Due to the fact they are litigious. Ambulance... Read more »