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Kim chooses a potato over Pompeo

Kim Jong-un opts for potato farm visit over Mike Pompeo meeting  [ headline]   Trump’s contract with Kim is a dud Though he thinks that Kim still is his bud. Furthermore it’s been learned That Pompeo was spurned And in Kim’s eyes was not worth a spud.   Author’s note:  I’m proud to say that... Read more »

Trump does an impression of Neville Chamberlain

    No one wants war with the mad North Korean. But did Trump have to praise him to please him? It reminds me  of Chamberlain’s futile attempt To give Hitler some land to appease him.          

Singapore Trump: The One-Minute Manager

    The Summit’s  arrived and the drama that’s in it. And everyone’s wondering which side will win it. Trump says he’ll intuit And quickly he’ll do it. He’ll figure out Kim in the space of a minute.

Springtime in Singapore and the optics of body language

So Kim will meet Trump face to face And Singapore will be the place. I can’t wait to see Just how chummy they’ll be; After shaking hands will they embrace?

Detente with North Korea? I'll believe it when I see it.

  Trump will meet Rocket Man face to face In what’s now an unspecified place. I  don’t know either man’s Motivations or plans, But  suspect it’s  a wild goose chase.      

On setting a low bar for Trump's trip to the Far East

  After crossing again the Pacific, Trump will say that his trip was “terrific”. That a  bomb wasn’t dropped On a place where  he stopped Should make all of us plumb beatific.

Mr. Trump, be a cool cat and not a 'frightened dog'

  Mr. President,  cease and desist your insults. They’re rarely effective or  have good results. If you fling mud at Kim, It will never change  him. It may only precipitate all  his worst  faults.

Addressing Kim Jong Un, Trump out-Herods Herod

“The guns and the bombs, the rockets and the warships, are all symbols of human failure.”        Lyndon B. Johnson   “Locked and loaded,” Trumps says, is the nuclear bomb; The red line according to him will be Guam. Such fury and sound In a dictator’s found. What we need in our leader’s... Read more »