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On the deportment of the press, Trump should practice what he preaches

‘People Have to Behave’: Donald Trump Demands Reporters ‘Practice Decorum’ at White House   [Breitbart headline] “On Friday morning, before leaving on a trip to France to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, Trump stopped to speak to members of the press. He quickly lashed out at CNN’s Abby Phillip when... Read more »

Why we shouldn't trust Pence's pious face

      “How can you know what I might do, or be? Is it on my good actions that you base Your favor? Do you trust my pious face? Ah, no, don’t be deceived by hollow shows; I’m far, alas, from being what men suppose;”   {Moliere’s title character, Tartuffe]   Mike Pence acts as... Read more »

Sex and silence in the Oval Office

  Trump has slept with an ecdysiast Who occasionally leads a porn cast. A signed non-disclosure Does not make it kosher, And his White House staff should be half-mast.  

Trump's Faith is an oxymoron

  “David Brody, the White House correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network, promoted his new ebook ‘The Faith of Donald Trump’ during an appearance Tuesday on ‘Morning Joe’ — where the host asked him to prove his claims about the president’s religious belief.’The center of any faith is understanding that you are a broken person,... Read more »

On Trump's appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast

  Of all things that I find about Trump very odd, (And it should be enough to unnerve us), Is his leading a crowd in a prayer to God When we know it is only lip service.

Trump's spiritual advisor a self-serving rainmaker

  “Paula White, a Pentecostal televangelist and chair of Trump’s evangelical advisory board, released a video on her ministry’s website in which she urged her followers to donate money to her ministry as an offering of their ‘first fruits’ of the new year to God, saying that if they did not, there would be spiritual... Read more »

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lines the deepest pockets

  Trump claims the new tax law for him is no boon. Which is hard to imagine since he’s a tycoon. For most the remittance Will be just a pittance But not for those, like Trump, born with a gilt spoon.

Trump takes a holier-than-thou position while teeing up on Obama

About 40 times this year has Trump Given balls on golf courses a bump. When Obama had flings On the links with some swings Trump would hook and slice him on the stump.  

Senator Orrin Hatch's disingenuous tirade against Senator Brown

  “I come from the poor people, and I’ve been here working my whole stinking career for people who don’t have a chance. And I really resent anybody saying that I’m just doing this for the rich. Give me a break. I think you guys overplay that all the time, and it gets old.”    Senator... Read more »

On Trump's impersonation of Churchill

  As to Trump’s physiognomy– let’s call it vermillion– He really believes he can make it  Churchillian; But to tighten his chin And to pucker lips in Only make his face look more reptilian.